Double negative!Notification of nucleic acid testing of an entry person in Fuqing

Recently, there were clusters of epidemic cases in some areas of the province. The city immediately improved control measures in key areas, places and groups, and increased frequency of nucleic acid testing to prevent imported epidemic cases.Since March 10, 397,000 nucleic acid tests have been conducted in the city.On March 14, 2022, in the novel coronavirus nucleic acid test of the “willing to be fully tested” population in Fuqing City, one novel coronavirus nucleic acid test of an entry person was weakly positive in the initial screening, and the result of the nucleic acid test was negative after the recheck.Meanwhile, fuqing sampled and tested 312 people and 60 environmental samples, all of which were negative for nucleic acid tests.Please pay attention to official announcements, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, actively vaccinate against COVID-19, further raise awareness of prevention, strengthen personal health protection, consciously wear masks, wash hands, ventilation, do not gather, maintain safe social distancing, and jointly build a barrier of epidemic prevention and control.Fuqing Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Emergency Command

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