Four asymptomatic cases were reported in Inner Mongolia

China News network on March 17Four new asymptomatic cases were reported in The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region between 00:00 and 24:00 On March 16, the Inner Mongolia Health Commission said on its website.Ten of the new locally confirmed cases have been discharged from hospital after recovery, including four in Hohhot, two in Baotou, three in Hulunbuir and one in Ordos.As of 24:00 On March 16, there were 24 locally confirmed cases in The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, including nine in Hohhot, six in Baotou, five in Hulunbuir, two in Ordos and two in Alashan League.There were 6 asymptomatic cases in China, including 5 in Tongliao city and 1 in Bayannur City.1 asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad (in Chifeng City).They are being treated in isolation in designated hospitals, and all close contacts are being quarantined in designated places for medical observation to prevent the spread of the epidemic.The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has reported 475 local confirmed cases since February 15, including 427 in Hohhot, 25 in Baotou, 15 in Hulunbuir, three in Ordos, three in Bayannur city and two in Alashan League.A total of 451 patients have been cured and discharged from hospital, including 418 in Hohhot, 19 in Baotou, 10 in Hulunbuir, 1 in Ordos and 3 in Bayannur.

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