Korean version of “paper house” this year!Park Hae-soo’s mask hides stunning Easter eggs?

Netflix Spanish original series “Paper House”, a total of four seasons still won the global audience love, and in March last year, Netflix officially announced that the Korean version of filming, and officially named “Paper House”.Finally, there was further news this year!The preview is released on January 18. Here are 6 highlights of the Korean version of Paper House.Original “paper house” album “paper house” synopsis Spain on a body is divided into the mystery of the genius professor launched planning robbery plan more than ten years, he called the eight different identity, background, but has a superb talent criminals in various aspects, and let them to “city” as the symbol name, plan for a series of loot.”Paper House” quickly swept the world after its release, and became the most watched non-English series in The history of Netflix. It is still popular in the fourth season, and now the Korean version will be released, which will surely set off another wave of waves.Director experience super powerful original “paper House” after the launch of a global sensation, now to launch the Korean version, the strength of the production team of course also to be serious!Kim Hong-sun, The director of “Paper House: Unification of The Two Koreas,” is a professional director of suspense crime dramas such as “The Guest,” “Voice,” and “Black.”He must have known how to present the following paper House: The Unification of the Two Koreas.2. Han edition “paper house” to plot the paper house: reunified is expected to broadcast 12 sets, the plot is set in north and South Korea to unity, a professor has the genius of the mind conceived a plan for the big robbery, and gathered a group of skilled, two koreas strength strong thieves, is expected to steal the new casting hot money, launched a series of bold action!In Paper House: The Unification of the Two Koreas, the role of genius professor is played by Yoo Ji-tae, who has been playing for more than 20 years and is famous for his role as Kim Moon-ho in the TV series Healer.As a veteran and powerful actor, he will become the soul of “Paper House: The Reunification of the Two Koreas,” and other criminals together to launch an unprecedented kidnapping plan!In the original, there were 8 criminals in the bandit except for the professor, but in the Korean version, there are still 8 criminals in the bandit, and each of the original roles also has a corresponding actor!The cast includes jeon Jong-seo of Life Clue, Park Hae-soo of Squid Game, Jang Yoon-ju, Lee Ju-binh, Kim Ji-hoon, Park Jeong-woo, Lee Won-jong and Lee Kyu-ho of Veteran actors in Veteran movies.The Squid Game, which was a hit last year, successfully spread Korean culture around the world, while the Paper House:In the trailer for the unification of the Two Koreas, we can feel that this film also incorporates elements unique to Korea. In the picture, Yoo Ji-tae, who plays the role of professor, poses a thoughtful look and looks at the mask on the wall. Except for the original unique Dali mask, all the other masks are traditional Korean masks.In addition, “Paper House: The Unification of the Two Koreas” is also confirmed to be shot in South Korea, so it is expected that there will be many elements unique to South Korea.6. Park Hae-soo keeps suspense in one sentence!Previously in “Squid Game” in the role of scheming male two actors from the international fame of Park Hae-soo, this time he will play the role of “Berlin”, Berlin in the original is the professor’s brother, is a super rich experience in robbery bandit team leader.Park hae-soo appears in the promotional film with a Dali mask, which was given to him by Pedro Alonso, the actor of the original Berlin film, and he said he would “send it back to him” in the future. The simple words left the audience wondering if the paper House: The Unification of the Two Koreas will be reunited with the original cast.

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