Looking for the most beautiful “carbuncle” in Hetian Jade

Red not only represents the Chinese New Year, is the most popular color in the Spring Festival, it is always gorgeous in the hearts of Chinese people, through The Times of enlightenment, precipitation, sublation, and evolution into the background of Chinese culture.At the same time, red is also hetian jade industry popular classic color, all kinds of or strong or soft with red jade, are sought after by players.Speaking of here, what may a lot of people think of above all is red skin white meat, actually besides red skin white meat, still have a lot of “carbunate” worth dish play collect, and, these “carbunate” in top class material, glamour value also does not lose at red skin white meat at all.Today, we might as well take advantage of this festive New Year’s festival, to talk about the symbol of prosperity, “red” luck, exhibition “red” map of other “carbundum”.Hongqin carbuncle is one of the most controversial materials in hetian jade industry, because no one has ever seen real carbuncle, but the legend of carbuncle has been spreading in the world.However, the most like carbuncle, or the closest to carbuncle, to belong to hongqin.Top red qin not only skin color is very beautiful, play the lamp is also very beautiful, like the following: the whole red, more beautiful!This is also the reason why many people regard Hongqin as a carbuncle.Of course, the top red Qin does not represent perfect, it actually has some “hard”.The first is the black spot.Even the top hontham has black spots, but fewer.It is rare to find a material with no black spots at all, but some black spots are acceptable as long as they do not affect the aesthetic feeling too much.In addition, dirt and sugar are also common defects of red ooze, which can also affect the value of ooze.Of course, Red Qin good, jade quality is the most important.Have a good jade quality, plus beautiful and clean red qin skin, this is a red qin worth collecting.But now good red qin seed material price is not close to the people, because of its rarity, good red Qin has been often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, millions of yuan.For red qin material, not too demanding of its perfect.Because absolutely perfect Hongqin hardly exists.Brown sugar seed seed market has a neglected by many people “carbuncle”, it is brown sugar seed.Of course, the red color of brown sugar seeds is not the bright red color we expect, it is lighter red, it does not look so red.For sugar seeds, the best sugar is brown sugar seeds, which belong to pure sugar, also known as whole sugar, refers to the main color of sugar sugar, sugar seeds are the rarest and more expensive.Sugar seeds like the following: This is a whole sugar seed, which is rare in the seed material, pure in color, not dirty, and is full sugar.Full-sugar seeds can also be a rarity on the market if they are pretty in color and have few blemishes.There aren’t a lot of whole sugar seeds on the market, and most of them aren’t pretty, dirty or cracked.But a piece of pure and clean brown sugar seeds, the kind of beauty is estimated to be comparable with the legendary carbuncle!Brown sugar mountain material “carbuncle” is not seed material, mountain material also has, it is known as mountain material in the “red qin” – red sugar material.Sugar is very popular these years and the market is much hotter than before. Now the price of good sugar has jumped to a record high of 231,000 kilograms.Especially among the top sugar, brown sugar is undoubtedly more popular.Red sugar can be divided into brown sugar white meat (sugar white jade) and whole brown sugar (sugar jade) two.Brown sugar white meat, it and red skin white meat only one word difference, good brown sugar white meat has beautiful sugar color, but also warm and clean white meat, we call sugar white jade.Sugar rich, jade such as suet, such sugar white jade, the finished product is absolutely not inferior to other colored jade.Sugar jade this kind of material is relatively rare in the market, the sugar on the market is mostly sugar white jade, so good sugar jade is even rarer.Good sugar jade is the color and lustre is attractive above all, resemble a red honey, jade is moist, pure degree is very high.But such sugar jade is also rare.No matter sugar white jade or sugar jade, they as a mountain material, crack much, dirty sugar is also their characteristics.This is why there are always old players say: and at last there is good jade, brown sugar is the most difficult to find.Red is not only a color, but also a symbol of blessing.If happiness were a color, it would be red.If there is one kind of jade that represents luck, it must be carbuncle.Carbuncle represents peace, happiness, happiness, longevity, dignity, courage and prosperity.What kind of carbuncle do you like best during the Spring Festival?

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