Mi 10S screen is which manufacturer

It’s Huaxing Electric Light.The screen resolution of Mi 10s is 2340x1080FHD +. In terms of screen quality, Mi 10S still adopts the previous Mi 10 screen. The AMOLED screen provides higher contrast, 1120Nit peak brightness, and supports PDCI-P3 wide color gambit and HDR10+ high dynamic range image display.Under-screen fingerprint unlock: With the help of the self-lighting characteristics of AMOLED screen, the light is actively projected, and the reflected light is transmitted through the gap of AMOLED light emitting unit to collect and distinguish the fingerprint outline through the sensor at the bottom of the screen, thus completing the fingerprint identification process.Xiaomi 10S has infrared function, can carry out infrared remote control, is equivalent to the remote control, to remote control common home appliances, as long as the mobile phone store enough information, you can remote control a lot of home appliances, very convenient, just switch in the mobile phone.The Mi 10s supports 33W of wired fast charging and 30W of wireless charging, so wireless charging will last longer than wired.

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