Pingquan City emergency bureau to carry out enterprise essential safety special rectification work

Recently the city emergency in the city to carry out chemical (dangerous chemicals) enterprise essential safety special rectification work.Solution from the process design, operation and safety facilities, safety system, the diathesis of personnel safety, emergency preparedness tease out five aspects, such as 21 key inspection content, to the city’s chemical (for) the enterprise to carry out all-round, the whole process of risk identification and risk governance, overhaul of all kinds of problems, effective control of all kinds of security risks, tightly controlled major security risk,We will comprehensively improve the safety production capacity of chemical (hazardous chemical) enterprises and further improve the essential safety level.In terms of process design, enterprises are required to “look back” on the existing HAZOP analysis report and confirm whether the recommended rectification items are in place.Collect information of safety accidents and incidents of similar enterprises, analyze causes, conduct safety warning education, and formulate rectification and preventive measures for their own enterprises.In terms of operation and safety supporting facilities, enterprises are required to confirm the adaptability and effectiveness of operation procedures and process cards every year, and clarify the operation steps and safety requirements of emergency operation, normal shutdown and emergency shutdown.In terms of safety system, enterprises are required to establish safety risk identification and control system, safety risk investigation and management system and on-site inspection system in line with their own reality.In terms of personnel safety literacy, requirements are put forward for full-time safety management personnel, facility and equipment operators and training hours.In terms of emergency prevention, enterprises are required to establish an authorization decision-making mechanism for dealing with abnormal working conditions, post special authorization for emergency disposal signed by the main person in charge of the enterprise in the central control room, operation site and other places, and grant the team leader and front-line staff the operation authority for emergency disposal.All enterprises are required to grasp the essential safety special rectification work as a key work, scientific planning, careful organization, the use of training, lectures, face-to-face propaganda and other forms of publicity and implementation of the special inspection work, to ensure that the employees of all enterprises fully understand, accurate grasp.In the next step, the municipal emergency Bureau will take centralized supervision, random inspection of enterprises and other ways to check the work to ensure the effectiveness of the special rectification.(Dangerous chemical division) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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