Scientific eye protection at the same time, wearing orthokeratology mirror, correct children’s vision more effective!

In July 2020, the National Health Commission announced at a press conference that the overall myopia rate of Chinese children and adolescents in 2020 was 52.7% : 14.3% for six-year-olds, 35.6% for primary school students, 71.1% for junior high school students, and 80.5% for senior high school students.In addition, the Chinese Population Physical Activity Guidelines (2021), compiled under the guidance of the CDC of the NHC, emphasize that children aged 2 and below are not recommended to watch screens;Children aged 3-5 years old spend no more than 1 hour a day watching video;Children aged 6-17 spend less than 2 hours a day watching video.It can be seen that in the past two years, the national efforts in the prevention and control of myopia are getting stronger and stronger, and the corresponding problem is that the myopia rate of teenagers increases year by year, and presents a more severe trend with the increase of age.So in the winter vacation with high incidence of myopia, how to prevent myopia?Precautions for the prevention and control of myopia during winter vacation: 1.Children of school age should not spend more than 2 hours of entertainment video time every day. In order to prevent myopia, it is advisable to control it within 1 hour, and take a 3-5 minute break between using electronic products every half an hour.2. Online learning time: no more than 2.5 hours per day and no more than 20 minutes per time;Middle school students should spend no more than 4 hours a day and no more than 30 minutes at a time.3. Choose a larger electronic screen.Screen size is very important when choosing electronic products. If possible, try to choose electronic products with larger screens, and try to watch from a distance.The suggested priority is projector, TV, computer, tablet computer, and finally mobile phone. It is best to choose video projection to a large screen or TV linked to a larger screen to increase the viewing distance. Try to choose electronic products with higher screen resolution to reduce eye discomfort and fatigue.Orthokeratology lens is one of the most effective and mature methods to alleviate myopia. Once children and adolescents are identified with myopia, it is necessary to attract the attention of parents to choose the correct method of myopia correction for children and control the growth rate of myopia.In recent years, orthokeratology has provided parents with a way to slow the progression of myopia in children and adolescents.Medical orthokeratology therapy needs to balance the effect of myopia correction and visual clarity, the former is preferred.Orthokeratology lens, also known as OK lens, can correct the far-sighted defocus of the peripheral retina and slow down the growth of the eye axis, thus controlling the deepening of myopia. It is the most effective and mature method for myopia alleviation.Its advantages: 1, effectively control the deepening of adolescent myopia.Wearing OK lens to deepen myopia than wearing glasses frame can reduce 40%- 60%, early use of OK lens, can avoid the development of high myopia.2, OK mirror effect is reversible, stop wearing can restore the original shape, do not damage the cornea.3, convenient life and sports (do not wear a mirror during the day).In recent years, with the continuous progress of orthokeratology mirror design and material related technology, more and more parents choose orthokeratology mirror for their children.Combined with the personalized needs of patients to carry out in-depth customization, to achieve more ideal visual quality and myopia control effect, has become the pursuit of more physicians.Euclid in order to better match the different ages, different visual quality requirements and corneal shape characteristics and different requirements for management myopia patients, its product love eyes r Advance originality high set edition provides full segment, more wide, more detailed parameter adjustment, more accurate corneal joint, providing better surrounding the center position and achieve better from coke,Truly achieve thousands of eyes of the depth of customization.In-depth customization shows respect for doctors’ personalized prescriptions and medical care, as well as patients’ personalized needs and conditions.Euclid will continue to promote the clinical application of the new generation of orthokeratology deeply customized with academic guidance.Expect to participate in and lead the trend, so that doctors advance, so that patients benefit.

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