Xianning urban area to add 2 parking lots!Provide 130 parking Spaces for motor vehicles, parking within 60 minutes free of charge

Xiangcheng City Daily (reporter Pang Yun) On February 11, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission approved the parking charge standard of yingui Road ecological temporary parking lot and Yinquan Avenue ecological temporary parking lot.The two parking lots began charging for parking on Feb 11.Yingui Road ecological temporary parking lot, located opposite yingui Road Yiyuan residential area, reconstruction area of 2000 square meters, can provide 52 motor vehicle berths.After the parking lot is put into use, it is convenient for nearby residents and businesses to park their vehicles.At present, the yingui Road ecological temporary parking lot is being renovated and is expected to be put into use by the end of this month.Yinquan Avenue ecological temporary parking lot, located in yinquan Avenue opposite the municipal Procuratorate, the transformation area of 8,500 square meters, can provide 78 motor vehicle parking.After putting into use, the parking lot is convenient for park visitors and nearby residents’ vehicles to park.According to the approval of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the parking service in these two parking lots is charged by the hour, and the parking service fee will be exempted within 60 minutes.After parking for more than 1 hour, the system will charge 2 yuan per hour, less than 1 hour will be charged by 1 hour, that is, parking for 60 minutes to 120 minutes will be charged by 2 hours;Three hours for 120 to 180 minutes;And so on.The maximum charge for parking within 24 hours is no more than 20 yuan.More than 24 hours will be charged according to the above standard hour;For vehicles parked in long-term rental Spaces, the specific charges shall be determined by the lessee and the lessee through negotiation.Motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, military vehicles, police cars, fire engines, ambulances, epidemic prevention vehicles, disaster relief vehicles, postal vehicles, sanitation vehicles, municipal facilities maintenance vehicles, funeral vehicles and other vehicles are exempt from parking service fees.City development and Reform Commission staff introduction, parking lot when the implementation of charging, must be at the entrance of the parking lot and pay eye-catching position, according to the price of the provisions of the public billing period, charging standard, charging basis, service commitment, supervision organs and price report telephone “12315” and other relevant content, accept social supervision.

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