Deng Xiaolan: I hope the children can come back to the mountain after leaving the mountain

People’s Daily Online Baoding February 5 (Zhang Jihang) Early in the morning on the 5th, Deng Xiaolan opened her mobile phone and saw more than 200 messages, “the children performed really great!””Sing the Olympic Games song in Greek and give the children praise”, deng Xiaolan looked at the messages praising the children, happy heart.During the rehearsal, Deng Xiaolan took a group photo with the children.”Yes, I was so happy to see all the praise for our kids after the show.”Telephone, Deng Xiaolan laughter lang lang.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Sunday night, 44 members of the Malan Orchid Chorus from Fuping County, Baoding city, attracted worldwide attention when they sang ode to the Olympics in Greek.From Tiegan Mountain in Fuping county to the Bird’s Nest, the 311 km distance, also about four hours by car.But in order to shanliwa can get out of the mountains, understand the world, nearly 80 years old Deng Xiaolan has insisted on 18 years.Deng Xiaolan was born in 1943 in Yijiazhuang village, Fuping County. After her birth, she was foetted in the neighboring Malan Village and lived in the villagers’ home for three years. Since her birth, her fate has had an infinite connection with the small mountain village.Since 1997, Deng xiaolan and her family have returned to Malan many times to renovate school houses, build roads and plant trees for villagers, and help poor families and students.Since 2004, Deng Xiaolan returned to Malan Village to teach children to sing and play Musical Instruments, helping generations of children to get out of the mountains, and even admitted to professional colleges, opening up infinite possibilities for children with music.”The stadiums are very strong and the houses are very big.””Grand, vast, expansive, particularly spectacular.””Very tall and intelligent.””Handsome!”In interviews with the media, children in fuping’s mountains expressed their first impressions of the bird’s nest incoherently in their immature voices.They look a little awkward in front of the camera, their eyes drifting away and shaking dolls to ease their tension.But when asked what they were doing in Beijing, their eyes sparkled and they said confidently and proudly: “To sing at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, to the people of the world, so that the world can hear our voice.”During the rehearsal, Deng Xiaolan took a group photo with the children.During the training, Deng xiaolan always lived and ate with the children, accompanied them and guided them.When the children had trouble learning Greek, she learned it herself and corrected it one by one.Deng xiaolan said that through the performance, the children met many role models, including aerospace heroes and Olympic champions.Between rehearsals, they often tell the children about their own growth stories and communicate with them about what they want to be when they grow up, which imperceptibly sows the seeds of ideal in the hearts of the children and also makes some older children start to think about the future.Deng xiaolan said that after the show, the children are most happy to go home.They will return today to their mountainous home in Fuping county.Deng xiaolan is full of expectations for the children’s future: “Not only them, I hope all of us are the same, out of the mountains to gain knowledge, still have to return to their hometown, build their own hometown, change their hometown.”

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