Huzhou public security “net red one elder brother”, with the city’s first anti-fraud studio, to!

In recent years, fraud pattern constantly updated iteration of the police anti-fraud technology is also constantly improving huzhou public security has always “war” in the forefront of anti-fraud recently, and a “sharp sword” out of its sheath the city’s first named anti-fraud police studio was formally established!On the afternoon of February 18th, Huzhou Public Security Bureau held the awarding ceremony of “Yunfei Studio” and the first training session of “The special Rotation training of improving the research and judgment ability of the municipal public security police”.City bureau party committee member, deputy director CAI Huijiang for police Yang Yunfei award.Many people may know huzhou public security anti-fraud weapon – “anti-fraud brother”.But do you know who its “chief designer” is?Yes, Yang Yunfei.Since April 2021, Yang yunfei and the “Anti-fraud One brother” team have been racing against time, eating and living in the unit for more than 70 consecutive days, traveling to 5 provinces, changing the design scheme 12 times, giving up rest for four consecutive months, and devoted himself to anti-fraud precise publicity, warning and dissuasion work.Under his leadership, the country’s first interactive intelligent anti-fraud application “Anti-fraud Brother” was born in the digital reform.He will be hard work, hard work and the perfect combination of work, through the baptism of perseverance and physical strength test, always guard the people’s purse.”Anti-fraud Brother” gets through the data of various departments, enlarges the base of gullible people through different channels, and then reduces the base through accurate publicity.Up to now, it has accurately publicized and prevented 328,822 vulnerable people, intercepted and dissuaded more than 4,200 cases, prevented losses of more than 120 million yuan, stopped payment and froze 1,768 bank cards involved with more than 19.73 million yuan.Yang Yunfei, the “net red brother” of the anti-fraud circle and the police of the anti-fraud Center of Huzhou City Public Security Bureau, has won the personal second-class merit once and third-class merit twice. He is an expert of criminal intelligence research and judgment of the Ministry of Public Security and an expert of electronic material evidence of the provincial Public Security Department, and has won the honorary title of “Golden Blue collar of Zhejiang Province”.Participated in the investigation of more than 100 major telecom network cases, launched more than 20 national cluster campaigns, and saved hundreds of millions of people’s losses.Yang yunfei said, “The current telecommunications and network fraud methods are quickly updated. Criminals have a keen sense of smell and you have to be more ‘cunning’ than a cheater.

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