Is it necessary for a married couple to get married if they are not feeling well together?Does marriage need saving?

My husband and I have been in divorce this period of time, and have two children, I do not want to divorce, divorce is not good for children, but to this point, I do not know how to do?My husband and I were introduced by people. At that time, we were still young and did not know what marriage was, nor did we know what love was. We just felt that there was nothing inappropriate and agreed to get married without antipathy.Newly married when we don’t have his own house, and his parents live together, the first year of marriage people return calculate can, he has a brother, are not married, is smaller than me three years old, his brother, although not often at home, but occasionally come back to live, don’t feel convenient, I want to buy a house out, object to mention about it in the home,The in-laws are not happy, the home has a house why also go out to buy a house.After a few years, my child was born, and I had more conflicts with my mother-in-law. I wanted to move out even more. Later, we had a fight and went out to rent a house.Now, although the house is bought, but a lot of pressure, the husband went out of town in order to earn more money only, two people all the year round, contradiction is more and more, often quarrel, I am a man with two kids, even go to work, really tired, because his brother to get married to buy a house last year, his parents paid the down payment to his younger brother, don’t we buy a penny of his parents have quarrel,In the end, there was a fight. I was so angry that I filed for divorce. Now I have filed for divorce, and I am still in the cooling-off period.I wonder if my marriage will work?Are we ever gonna get a divorce?I hope the teacher can help me have a look, thank you.Female, wuchen, ren Xu, Gumao, renzi male, Wuchen, Xin you, Bingyin, b not female, guishui was born in xu month order, renzi water to help the body, but still weak, like jinshui, avoid wood fire soil.Male, c fire was born in the unitary month, b Yin wood can give birth to the sun Lord, he is weak, like wood fire, avoid soil gold water.Female, the original bureau to wutuzheng official star as her husband, Chen Xu earth has Wutuzheng Official star day through the ground, marriage palace meet meet punishment, your marriage is more than not, if you don’t work hard to operate marriage, once the luck is bad last year, husband and wife conflicts are intensified, easy to have marriage change.Wu Wu yun, is the official star fully for avoid, husband and wife feelings discord, Year of Ren Yin, husband and wife contradictions upgrade, family contradictions, we should pay attention to mutual tolerance, more tolerance, if let things develop, this year the probability of divorce is very large.Gui-mao, jiachen these two years are also easy to divorce years, once divorced, your marriage will be c afternoon to your unitary years to have marriage.In the years 28, 29, 31 and 35 of Yichouyun and 40, 41, 43 and 47 of Bingyin Yun, there will still be unpleasant things between husband and wife. I suggest that you pay less attention, be more patient and pay more, actively face your conflicts and communicate more to resolve them.From the above can see the following points: 1, both of your husband and wife are easy to divorce, RenYin, Guimao these two years to pay special attention to, if willful, not to ease, will inevitably divorce, after divorce, the two of you remarry information is inconsistent, once the divorce is difficult to compound.2. The emotional fortunes of the two of you in the future are synchronized, but not much. Except for the years 29, 30, 40 and 41, the rest of the years are not synchronized, which indicates that the fate of the two of you is not deep, the probability of marriage is not high, and the risk of divorce is deepened.3. The two of you will have many years of unfavorable marriage in the future. The synchronicity of your marriage is not high.4, you two have complementary, this is good, can bring good luck to each other, your marriage is worth saving.I suggest you look in the child’s sake, sit down and talk about, don’t be impulsive, openness, the root of the intimate talk about things, to correct their own insufficiency, in the life to respect each other, understand each other, heart to heart, only in this way, marriage can smoothly through the crisis, to safeguard the stability of marriage.

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