Shandong high-speed coach class!Xu Changsuo palace Luming provoked discontent, fans scold

With shandong men’s basketball team is the group took over, the fans also once thought, shandong men’s basketball team high-speed time may come, the Lord is not weaker than the Shanghai long behind things, but the men’s basketball team in shandong now is in a state of unpaid wages, or to enter the first 4, also is not easy, but after the start of the game in the second stage, shandong men’s basketball fans down,Bishop Gong Luming is not in place in time, Xu Changsuo himself struggling to support the team thoroughly play bad, Shandong high-speed directly fell to the 11th place in the league, for a time the fans are all cast to xu Changsuo the novice bishop.In the second stage GongLuMing indeed see not bottom go to, personally command with the two foreign teachers, the coaching staff in shandong also quick to upgrade to 6 people, as the team’s coaching staff do not generally, more was voted the greatest coach in the league team, then the game is to play a few games, and then in the absence of any color, fans also bristle,Some people even said that Gong Luming and Xu Changsuo are the same, are no skill.We also found that Xu Changsuo command of choose and employ persons in the game in question, to fans GongLuMing, Xu Changsuo class is becoming more and more high, high-speed shandong men’s basketball team in a passive situation, the group also complained to the team, the gold master may withdraw at any time, then the team will be in the situation of unable to operate, in fact, the biggest problem is out on the coaching staff.’s game against the guangzhou team shandong expressway is to let the fans the fire emit three zhangs, 6 by Guo Shiqiang beat the coaching staff, although just 10 points, but the game’s fully shows the shandong expressway is fragmented, no one can be reused, shandong men’s basketball team had previously wasn’t like this, you should feel GongLuMing and Xu Changsuo class?In their hands shandong men’s basketball may be difficult to do something.

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