Six years later, Jacky cheung made another film and asked why no one asked him to make a comedy

Jacky Cheung recently appeared at the opening of the movie Customs Front.Six years later, Jacky Cheung is making another film, this time in uniform.Elegant still ah!At the opening ceremony, Tse said he enjoyed watching Cheung’s films and listening to his songs.Unexpectedly, Jacky Cheung responded on the spot and asked why no one asked him to shoot comedies. He immediately shouted, saying that his comedies were very good, and if the director had comedies in the future, he could consider him.In fact, Jacky Cheung’s acting, we really need not doubt, the director is not did not think of him, but he is too busy, or in the concert, or on the way to the concert.Jacky Cheung is known as the God of Songs, and his fans are all over the world, so after the era of the Four Heavenly Kings passed, he has been focusing on touring all over the world, recalling his era with his fans. During the tour from 2016 to 2019, Jacky Cheung performed 233 shows in 27 months, with an average of one every four days.Such schedule density, even if the director wanted to find him acting, estimated also daunting.However, since the COVID-19 outbreak, Xueyou’s tour has been temporarily suspended, which has suddenly disrupted his schedule.That’s probably why he announced that he wants to do more comedy movies.Jacky Cheung is the best supporting actor of golden Horse award and Golden Science Award.It may also be familiar to older readers.Cheung was also involved in many nominated and award-winning films during the Golden age of Hong Kong cinema.In the film Carmen Mongkok, Jacky Cheung played the role of “Wu Fei”, which is impressive.He seems to be particularly adept at playing the role of the little brother, taking the character’s timidity and bravery to the extreme.He also starred in John Woo’s classic shoot-out “Blood on the Bounty.”So Jacky Cheung is also the best actor who was postponed because of singing.If he had focused on acting, maybe he could have gone further in his acting career.But Xueyou took the whole singing thing to the extreme, and it was amazing.Some people say that because of the epidemic, gods like Xueyouge will also go out to make movies to make money and support their families.In fact, if it was really just about making money, it would be too easy for Jacky Cheung, because he had many variety shows that approached him.But Jacky cheung is very principled and never appears in all kinds of programs, especially singing programs.In recent years, many classic Hong Kong singers have made money in the mainland, such as Li Yuchen, Eason Chan, Zhong Zhentao, Alan Tam and Lin Zhixiang.The talent show will seek them out as mentors.For example, The Voice of China has found Eason Chan and Hacken Lee, and it is said that they are paid quite well, both at the level of ten million yuan.According to a source, Jacky Cheung made Customs Front, which was paid around 5 million yuan, which is really small compared to that.Given Jacky cheung’s position in the music industry, he could easily earn hundreds of millions of yuan a year if he were willing to join the mainland music industry.But why does Jack refuse to appear in various variety shows?In fact, the singer program, it is said that Jacky Cheung once sought, but he still refused, there are some programs to seek him as a judge mentor, he also refused.When xueyou was asked about this in an interview, he replied that it was enough that he had been a singer.To be judged on stage at his age is emotionally unacceptable.Also, it’s hard to say whether the judges are professional, so people who he considers to be professional singers don’t need to be judged that way.At the same time, he admires the singers who take to the stage as brave.Cheung’s response actually reflects his respect for singing and does not want to mix too much entertainment into his singing.For others, it may be entertainment, but for competing singers, it may be fate.

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