Spring Festival I work | New Year city cleaning “not closed”

The Spring Festival holiday is the most demanding time of the year for sanitation work.During the holiday, the streets are decorated with lights, everywhere emitting a thick “New Year flavor”, and the Linyi Sanitation Group of more than 2,000 front-line sanitation workers gave up reunions with their families, stick to their posts.According to the competent departments at all levels to make specific requirements for the sanitation security work during the Spring Festival of 2022, linyi sanitation group each operating company according to create a national civilized city, national sanitary city work standard and long-term environmental health management mechanism, deployment, ahead of full on-the-job, strengthen the station of cars and foot traffic, business district and the perimeter of the square procter & gamble,Extend working hours, allocate vehicles and personnel in a scientific way, arrange mechanical work routes and cleaning work reasonably, increase the frequency of garbage removal and road cleaning, and strive to ensure that urban environmental sanitation management standards are not reduced, quality is not degraded, and supervision is not loose during the festival.At an operation site in Xiaohe Road, Beicheng New District, sanitation workers use machines to clean the polluted road after the public sacrifice. “We have been cleaning since 6 am, hoping to provide a comfortable environment for citizens through our best efforts,” he said.Sanitation worker Zhang said.In order to adapt to the situation of living garbage spurt during Spring Festival, the sanitation group life trash pickup company reasonably adjust pickup operation time and personnel, increase the intensity of trash pickup, increased the number of pickup at night, focus on increasing stream of road of life trash pickup, to ensure that residents living garbage is produced is clear, no accumulation.It is because of the hard work of the “city beautician” that the city is clean and tidy, and the holiday creates a neat and beautiful environment for the people of the whole city.Their professional commitment to cast the spirit of dedication, has become a beautiful scenery in the festival.Present newspaper melt media reporter Sun Yuguang correspondent Wang Wenchang

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