Bundesliga round 25: United Berlin v Dortmund, already 9 points behind Bayern Do Dortmund still have momentum?

Tonight at 22:30, round 25 of the Bundesliga, there will be a dialogue between the top and middle teams, Berlin United will host borussia Dortmund.Recent Status:Berlin joint just washed up on the bundesliga two seasons ago, didn’t expect this season have come to the bundesliga hierarchical position, area and the champions league qualification is only one step away, in the recent five games, Berlin united harvest three wins and a draw 1 record, at present in the bundesliga table, Berlin combined with 9-7-5, the fifth, and the fourth leipzig red bull with 34 points,In the last league round, United Berlin lost 2-0 to Augsburg.Dortmund, who have a habit of dropping points at crucial moments this season, are now nine points behind leaders Bayern Munich, 3-2 in their last five games and second in the table, having lost 5-2 at home to bayer Leverkusen.History: the two sides have met eight times in total, with Fc Berlin losing 4-2 to Dortmund in the bundesliga last September.Injuries: Union Berlin.Ryerson has been affected by the virus and is still at home, while Promel was not included in the squad last time due to illness, so it is unknown whether he will play this game.Dortmund: Wolff, Meunier, Harland continue to be injured, jayne will be back this game.The war: for in the relegation zone, the team for a long time, it can achieve such record, really not easy, win their first joint in the bundesliga history, Berlin is come from the game and borussia Dortmund, if you can win this in their own home, will be back to fourth place in leipzig, avoid relegation task has been completed, can go to the champions league is also very good.Dortmund last round in the home defeat, and Bayern points gap further widened, although the championship hope is very slim, but the second is also unstable, need more advantages to consolidate, the league has more than ten rounds, has not yet to rest.Result prediction:Berlin united this season in the league just lost a game, or game against bayern, their home record is very good, but their offense is general, 21 games 29 goals, in the bundesliga top ten team, first and last in walter, and she is from Nigeria nearly one of three points in the league goals, he with nine league goals,In the team competition first, focal point is relatively single, Dortmund side, their main center harland and are still unable to play, it had a great influence on them, known as rotten and Dortmund defender this season, basically zero rivals, rarely on round kick pharmaceutical factory is into five, borussia Dortmund in all competitions this season, only harvest 1 draw,Or more simple and crude, not win is to lose, absolutely to split the outcome, duote is now from the top of the gap is more and more big, according to the experience of previous years, Duote and stable results for a period of time, but has not changed the direction of the game optimistic Duote win away, refused to league two consecutive defeat!

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