Househusbands like Sun Lei may seem reliable, but this trait can be deadly

Starring Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Luyi, Wang Zhener and Wang Yaoqing, the urban drama “Perfect Partner” is currently on the air. It tells the story of two couples who face the dilemma and compromise of balancing career and family after marriage.Zhang Luyi, who played Qin Shi Huang Ying Zheng in Ode to The Great Qin dynasty, plays the role of “housewife” Sun Lei. He is honest, gentle and patient.His wife, Chen Shan, is a female elite in the workplace. She is usually fully engaged in the job, while he is responsible for all the triviality and parenting in the home.It is said that people should marry a good man like Sun Lei, but is Sun Lei really a good husband?Although he is willing to help his wife share housework, but the heart of humble lack of pattern.He may seem like a reliable househusband, but this trait is the Achilles’ heel of marriage!The essence of love is attraction, while the essence of marriage is cooperation, and both parties need to provide consistent value so that the relationship will last and reach the right balance.Opposite than overlord president Lin Qingkun, Sun Lei compares idea exquisite really, but he lacks ambition and pattern, enjoyed the invisible welfare of marriage, leave however “perfect” these two words very far away!Sun Lei takes care of the learning and training classes of jumping, and Chen Shan is free to do what she likes, but are these really due to the help and efforts of her partner?If Chen Shan can’t make enough money to support her family, what will Sun Lei do?Therefore, Sun Lei’s dedication to his family is based on the premise that his own creation value is relatively low, rather than heartfelt tolerance and consideration.Many times, whether it’s a stay-at-home mom or a stay-at-home husband, their value lies in the division and cooperation of the family, not in the humble group at the palm of their hand.Dream is a beautiful dream, the reality is particularly cruel and cold, rich people can drink enough water, poor couples but Pepsi sorrow, every day to deal with firewood, rice, oil and salt, every day to make money to make a living, this is the most heart of marriage!In the classic novel Six Stories of A Floating Life, the married life of Yun Niang and Shen Fu is poetically beautiful, as romantic as a couple of fairies. They also know how to create the poetry and thickness of their days with the lowest cost.But outcome yun Niang dies however, and Shen Fu is still embarrassed straitened, two people can “live” very much, however not practical rely on spectrum!Yang LAN once said, a person’s growth is more important than success, you steal laziness in the marriage relationship, sooner or later will have to return, no one can lie down to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime.Even though Sun Lei can’t make as much money as Chen Shan, his pattern is narrow and selfish, ostensibly to pay for the small family, but actually to cover up his own incompetence.A good man is one who can fully support his wife’s dreams and fulfill her personal value, instead of becoming a drag and burden on her.The weak are good at showing weakness, and the strong are universally attracted to strength. This is the truest part of human nature. The reality is that your earning power is your strength in marriage.Regardless of men and women, in fact, to improve their own pattern, pattern was opened, the horizon is vast and natural, a rong rong all loss is the true meaning of marriage!Dear friends, how do you view Gao Yuanyuan, Zhang Luyi, Zheng Yecheng, Liu Haikuan and other leading TV series “Mirror Two Cities”?Welcome to leave a message!Author: Luo Xiaoke, a mother married to Taiwan, writes about everything in Taiwan, obsessed with all kinds of film reviews.Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

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