Net profit increased 11 times!With the help of the wave of intelligence, Beijing Junzheng is riding the wind and waves to usher in new opportunities

Information technology develops at an astonishing speed, PC Internet has become a thing of the past, mobile Internet dividend has peaked, now 10 billion devices access to the network, promoting information technology to the Internet of all things, and in the artificial intelligence and other technologies driven, into the era of all things intelligent.It should be pointed out that in the context of the Internet of everything, from smart cars, smart buildings, smart medical treatment to enterprise asset management equipment and industrial equipment, tens of billions of smart devices and edge smart devices are in every corner, driving the intelligent upgrade of society.Soaring demand for chips for a wide range of connected, smart devices represents a $10 billion market opportunity.For chip manufacturers, it is the direct beneficiary of this wave of intelligence.As a supplier of chips for a variety of smart devices, Beijing Junzheng has shown strong revenue growth.In 2021, the annual revenue was 5.27 billion yuan, up 143% year on year, and the net profit was 940 million yuan, up 1174% year on year, and the net profit after deduction was increased by 43 times.It can be seen that benefiting from the Internet of things, Beijing is riding the waves and making a lot of money.Beijing Junzheng mainly has microprocessor chips, intelligent video chips, memory chips and analog and interconnection chips, which are widely used in automotive electronics, industrial and medical, communication equipment and consumer electronics and other fields.Beijing Junzheng pointed out that the demand for each product line is strong. In the field of automotive electronics, with the continuous development of intelligent vehicles and the strong demand of automobile terminal market, the company’s sales revenue in this field continues to grow.At the same time, in the industrial, medical, communications, consumer and other areas of income also achieved good growth, resulting in the overall operating revenue growth compared to last year, thereby driving a substantial increase in net profit.According to the financial results, Beijing Junzheng has obviously benefited from the growth of intelligent devices in the Internet of things, bringing rapid revenue growth.It is worth mentioning that the memory chip as the largest plate, to double the speed of growth.According to the 2021 interim financial results, in the first half of 2021, memory chip revenue increased by 748% year-on-year to 1.6 billion yuan.In addition, according to the statistics of Omdia, a third-party market research agency, Beijing Junzheng SRAM, DRAM and Nor Flash products ranked second, seventh and sixth respectively in the global market, ranking in the forefront of the international market.In addition, intelligent video chips as the second largest business segment, the existing series of chips can cover the intelligent vision IOT market of high, middle and low end of all types of end-level products demand, including 360, Miui and other brand customers.Among them, Xiaomi automatic intelligent door lock Pro, 360 visual doorbell X3 with Beijing Junzheng T31 chip.As the latest generation of Smart video SoC chip of Beijing Junjin, T31 series adopts 22nm process, has up to 1.8G main frequency, supports up to 5 million 25 frames, and has BGA and QFN packaging mode.Due to the product features of high intelligence, high imaging quality and low power consumption, more and more customers in the consumer market have been recognized and adopted, making Beijing Junzheng intelligent video product line compared to the same period last year to maintain a rapid growth, but also shows the brand influence in the field of intelligent video.Meanwhile, microprocessor chips are mainly aimed at the intelligent Internet of Things market.However, this market is characterized by diversification and fragmentation, and the launch of Beijing Junzheng X2000 and X1600 series, which are more cost-effective products, contribute to the growth of this product line.Of course, the industry is increasingly competitive.Can maintain the strong market competitiveness, need to have a strong r & D ability.In order to enhance its competitiveness, Beijing Junzheng continues to increase its r&d investment in computing technology, AI-related technology, memory technology, simulation technology and interconnection technology.In particular, the company will combine its advantages in computing and AI with its strong competitiveness in memory and simulation to form a “computing + storage + simulation” technology and product pattern.Total amount of money raised through issuance of shares to a particular object of 1.3 billion yuan, for embedded MPU series chip research and development and industrialization projects, research, develop, and industrialize intelligent video series chips project, vehicle LED lighting series chip research and development and industrialization projects, vehicle-mounted ISP series chip research and development and industrialization projects as well as the added liquidity.On the whole, in terms of the intelligent Internet of Things market, all kinds of intelligent hardware market has maintained a vigorous demand trend, and the demand for middle and high-end intelligent hardware products has increased, driving the continuous improvement of chip performance demand.And the popularity of the Internet of Things helps the rapid expansion of embedded MPU chips;Intelligent security transformation and the rise of video iot, intelligent video chip market demand;The intelligent upgrade of the car drives the acceleration of LED lighting chip penetration;The prospect of auto – assisted driving is broad, driving the increase of ISP chip demand.The new fundraising will help seize the market demand opportunities brought by the development of emerging areas such as iot terminal applications, intelligent security and video iot, and the trend of intelligent vehicles.Finally, the Internet of Things, as the biggest outlet of information technology industry, and China will grow into the world’s largest Internet of things market.IDC’s previous data showed that China’s Internet of Things market spending will reach about $300 billion by 2024.With the wide application of the Internet of Things, a large number of intelligent devices of the Internet of Things have strong demand for chips, from cloud to network to edge, bringing new growth points for chip manufacturers.Yang Jianyong, Forbes China contributor, expressed his views on behalf of himself.He is committed to in-depth understanding of cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of reading, cloud services and artificial intelligence. His views and research strategies have been quoted by numerous authoritative media and well-known enterprises.

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