The projector takes the family photo gameplay tutorial is coming!A Donbey projection NEW F3 is enough!

The New Year is coming, I believe that many partners are beginning to look forward to the happy moment of family reunion, in such a reunion festival, I think many friends will choose to come with their families to a family photo, today xiaobian to share with you how to eliminate super beautiful family photo with projection!First, the preparation process: in order to pursue the family photo we shot can have better display effect, tripod is absolutely necessary for us, in addition to the stability of the tripod, here is more important to use the camera timing selfie function, convenient to appear in the family photo.When taking family photos, there are generally a large number of people, so in order to ensure that everyone’s face can be clearly presented, it is necessary to turn on the professional mode of the mobile phone and adjust the appropriate aperture and focus when taking photos.Projection take family photo tutorial: First step, prepare a NEW F3, this version of The Projection NEW
F3 supports a variety of screen projection methods for mobile phones, as well as a variety of functions such as Dunbaiyun photo album, remote house watching, mobile remote control, automatic screen entry, automatic obstacle avoidance, self-defined home interface, self-defined screen saver, and automatic photosensitive.First of all, let’s connect the mobile phone through the built-in shell projection screen, and then we can display the picture of the mobile phone camera frame in real time on the projection.With the help of the large screen, we can adjust the Angle, expression and posture when taking photos.About the family photo is mainly happy, there is no fixed photo pose.Here the author mainly to tell you about the standing posture, simple to understand, is how to arrange all the people reasonably position, let the picture more beautiful.When introducing photographic composition, triangle composition is often mentioned. It is not only used for shooting static objects, but also suitable for shooting family photos. You can draw a triangle with a person’s face or standing posture.Photography background is mainly simple, sitting on the sofa with a solid color background can achieve the best effect.If you have a projector at home, or if you have a NEW F3 projector, you can take a friendly family photo with your family

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