Watsons’ “wronged” eye cream, due to the parity is “ignored”, shop assistants guide but competing to use!

In this era of looking at the face, a girl will basically make up, makeup girls can be said to be a required course, every day a delicate makeup, can make you more confident, and even in the street may meet your love life.Especially for female stars, makeup is almost commonplace, and it is hard to see female stars without makeup in all kinds of activities.Qi Wei is one of xiaobian’s favorite female stars. Compared with other stars, Qi Wei is a very individual person. Whether in variety shows or on social platforms, she dares to show her true colors.Moreover, Qi wei often interacts with her fans on social media platforms, sharing her skin care tips and maintenance experience.On one occasion, she applied eye cream directly on the air.After reading, xiaobian finally understand her good skin secret, no wonder there is no trouble with dry fine lines.It turned out that she first applied eye cream around her eyes, and then massaged repeatedly with a massage head on the areas where the wrinkles, bags and dark circles are easy to grow, which could not only reduce the problems of dark circles and bags around her eyes, but also relieve the fatigue of her eye skin.See such daub way, xiaobian suddenly realized, feel oneself all besmear wrong before, that strange so expensive eye cream effect is not how star, it is xiaobian lack of professional tools, even if the technology is good, also did not press a few times to give up.The essence of eye cream is only attached to the surface, with professional tools to make eye cream better absorption, found the problem, edge xiaobian speed in many eye cream search.Later, my bestie shared with me a watsons “wronged” eye cream, which was “ignored” due to its low price, but the shop assistant’s guide competed with each other to use it!This is the Jomeitang electric eye cream. The application method of this eye cream is different from that of hand massage eye cream. Electronic massage can obviously improve dry lines, fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.Take the edge xiaobian near the start of this electric eye cream, it is the use of “black technology” electric massage head, vibration frequency can reach 8500 times per second, can let the skin quickly absorb eye cream essence, alleviate eye discomfort, solve eye problems.Rich in precious anti-aging ingredients sturgeon caviar, sodium hyaluronate, snail secretion, as well as bird’s nest extract and other precious ingredients.The ingredients are mild, the texture is light, the upper face is refreshing and comfortable, completely without a little greasy feeling, the electric massage head gently push the eye cream essence is easy to be absorbed, which is completely out of reach of the traditional hand massage effect.Adhere to the use of eye skin problems will be very obvious improvement, can dilute dark circles, bags, crow’s feet, smooth dry lines, fine lines and so on.Fill eye skin frame, lift and tighten eye skin, make eye skin smooth and delicate, eyes bright and vivid, so that the whole person can look energetic.I believe that many friends have stayed up late and have irregular eating and rest, which is also the key reason for dark circles, bags under the eyes and fine lines.So use eye cream early, don’t wait for eye problems to come to you.This eye cream effect is excellent, and the price is affordable, there is a need to try the fairy!

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