What are the common desiccant

1. Silica gel desiccant granular or milky white, it is an open porous structure, has a good adsorption capacity.Its use is very wide.Not only as a special material for aviation, cutting-edge technology, military technology departments, but also widely used in various sectors of the national economy, its application scope includes: construction, electronics, electricity, textile, automobile, machinery, leather, paper making, chemical and light industry, metal and paint, medicine and medicine, etc.Silica gel desiccant insoluble in water, insoluble in any solvent, no toxic, odorless, stable chemical performance.The quality of our products reaches RoHS, REACH and other environmental protection standards, and reaches the Chinese standard HG/T2765-2005, and does not contain dimethyl fumarate (DMF) and other toxic substances.At the same time, silica gel has also been approved by the FDA of the United States, can be directly in contact with drugs and food.2. The hydroscopicity of lime desiccant is completed by chemical reaction, and its hydroscopicity is irreversible.Regardless of the external humidity, the hygroscopicity of desiccant is more than 35% higher than its own weight, suitable for low temperature storage, dry hygroscopicity is excellent, and the cost is low.Widely used in food, clothing, tea, leather, shoes, electrical appliances and other industries.Lime desiccant is the use of moisture in the endothermic container, so that it keeps low humidity, so as to avoid moisture to food.Deoxidizer is the use of oxygen to avoid food oxidation, discoloration, mildew.The use of both depends on the nature of the food and the purpose for which it is preserved.3. Calcium chloride desiccant is synthesized by the reaction of high-quality calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid, filtration, evaporation and concentration, and drying.A white lump, granular, or honeycombed solid.The taste is slightly bitter and odorless.A colorless aqueous solution.A white lump, granular, or honeycombed solid.The taste is slightly bitter and odorless.A colorless aqueous solution.Mainly used in the production of inorganic and other calcium, as well as dehydrating agents for the manufacture of alcohols, esters, ethers and acrylic resins.As calcium fortifying agent, curing agent, chelating agent, desiccant, food industry.Calcium chloride desiccant has adsorption, static humidity, deodorization and other functions.The method is fast, high absorption performance, non-toxic, tasteless, no contact corrosion, will not cause any pollution to the environment, especially suitable for petroleum, medicine, health care products, military and other fields.Extension: desiccant is mainly used for moistureproof, mildew proof, drying, according to the absorption of products and reaction results, divided into physical and chemical two.Physical adsorption desiccant silica gel, alumina gel, molecular sieve, activated carbon, bone charcoal, charcoal, mineral desiccant, active clay, its drying principle is the use of physical methods to absorb water to its internal.

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