Avoid trading them!American media shout lakers, comment 3 big gossip object, rocket Gordon is only second

As the trade deadline nears, the trade rumors are mounting, and the Lakers are the most talented.After a poor start to the season, the lakers need to make trades to bolster their roster.Considering the lakers’ dire situation, it would be wise to bring in some new players, but it would also be wise to avoid making any rash moves because the team is in such bad shape that there’s not much room for error.To this end, for the Lakers a series of recruitment rumors, the American media “Lakeshowlife” also decisively called the Lakers, comment on the three big rumors, among which the rocket Gordon only ranked second.Trade target 1: Hield the Lakers were once again rumored to be interested in acquiring Hield in an offseason trade that ultimately led to a trade for Westbrook.It would have made sense to acquire Hield in the offseason, but at this point, it doesn’t make much sense for the Lakers to bolster hield.Because shield’s asking price is so high, the only good pieces the Lakers can use after westbrook’s trade are Tucker, Nunn and the 2027 first-round pick, and the Kings’ asking price is almost all of them.That means the lakers won’t have any room to adjust if they go all-in on Hield.But the problem is that Hield isn’t worth the gamble, especially since his outside shooting skills have dropped so badly this season.Add in the fact that the lakers have acquired multiple shooters, they currently lack a defensive player, hield can’t provide the relevant skills, and he has a big contract that doesn’t work as well as Monk, so it just doesn’t make sense for the lakers to trade hield at this point.As a veteran, Gordon has every reason to leave the rebuilding rockets, and the rockets are willing to trade him for the right deal.The right trade means a first-round pick in return, plus a salary balance, and nunn and Tucker being sent away.Gordon certainly looks like a good fit for the lakers, shooting more than 45 percent from 3-point range, handling the ball well and solving the lakers’ positional problems with and without the ball.More importantly, Gordon has plenty of playoff experience and won’t be a liability on the defensive end, which makes him look like a good target for the lakers.The problem is that Gordon is 34 years old and on a multi-year contract, an age when most players are in decline.Add that to the fact that the lakers need someone who can handle both offense and tough defense, and Gordon’s defense is clearly not up to par to share the big Three’s defensive load.Trade Target 3: Le Vell compared to the other two players, le vell ability and age is more friendly, is expected to play another big role for the Lakers.The problem is that the Pacers are asking a lot for at least two first-round picks, and the Lakers will have to dig deep to get Le Vell.In addition, Le Vell’s injury problem is very serious, he has been struggling with injuries so far in his career, which is the most unacceptable thing for the current lakers, because lebron’s injury problem has increased significantly as he gets older, the injury is also very serious, the Lakers can not accept such a core group.

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