Jinan will renovate 500,000 square meters of road surface and carry out high standard major and medium repair of six roads

February 12, Jinan urban and rural transport bureau held the city’s transport work and style construction annual mobilization meeting.Reporters at the meeting learned that this year, Jinan transportation bureau will do a good job of road management and maintenance, to create “Chang an Shu Mei” road.During the year, 500,000 square meters of pavements and 200,000 square meters of sidewalks were renovated, six high-standard major and medium roads were repaired, and the annual tasks of maintenance and maintenance of expressways such as viaducts and tunnels along the River and installation of sound barriers were completed, effectively improving the operation quality of transportation facilities.We will strengthen the management of the transfer of urban roads, and improve the “transfer upon completion” mechanism.Strictly supervise the occupation and excavation of roads.Innovative application of new maintenance technologies and materials, improve the emergency response mechanism, improve the rate of road facilities.We will improve the performance evaluation mechanism of urban roads and improve road maintenance management.

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