Liver cancer treatment should be as early as possible!Liver cancer, 5 signs are obvious, accounting for more to check

For the human body, the liver belongs to a very important organ, which has the function of metabolism, digestion and detoxification.However, liver is easy to be stimulated by alcohol, drugs, mood, diet and a series of factors, resulting in liver tissue damage, thereby suffering from various liver diseases.In particular, the incidence of liver cancer has been increasing in recent years.This is a malignant tumor occurring in the liver, once the disease is not treated early, the cancer will quickly metastasize and spread, so that the patient’s life is seriously threatened.Therefore, in daily life, once the early symptoms of liver cancer, it must be treated as soon as possible.Below, for you to introduce in detail what are the specific manifestations of early liver cancer.What symptom does liver cancer inchoate have?First, appetite is reduced, oily liver can discharge some metabolites in the body, some foreign substances also need to be broken down and metabolized by the liver, can play a role in helping the body detoxification.Once suffering from liver cancer, the function of the liver of the patient will decline, unable to properly expel toxins, a large number of toxic substances will stay in the liver and body, resulting in gastrointestinal tract irritation.The sufferer’s appetite is reduced, and there are recurrent feelings of nausea and oil aversion.Indigestion and Diarrhea The liver can produce about a liter of bile in a 24-hour period.This bile is transported directly through the bile duct into the gallbladder for storage.After eating, the gallbladder contracts, releasing bile into the small intestine to help digest food.In liver cancer, the ability of the liver to produce bile is reduced, and food entering the small intestine cannot be digested in a timely manner, resulting in indigestion.Such as abdominal distention and recurrent diarrhea.Especially after eating some meat food, diarrhea phenomenon is very serious.3. Repeated discomfort in the liver region Because there are not too many nerves in the liver, patients will not feel obvious pain after the occurrence of tumors.However, if the tumor grows close to the liver capsule, there will be some mild pain in the liver area of the patient in the early stage, such as tingling and swelling pain.Especially when the body is too tired or sleeping at night, the discomfort of the liver area will be more obvious, and the characteristics of continuous aggravation.Four, the skin jaundice because the bile in the liver can not be excreted smoothly in time, will be excessive deposition.And too much bile gets into the bloodstream, causing the level of bilirubin in the blood to rise, which affects the skin.The skin of the whole body of the patient presents a yellow color, especially the jaundice of the sclera and face is more serious.And when urinating, urine will become darker.Five, repeated nasal bleeding before cancer cells, the liver has appeared hardening phenomenon, the coagulation function of the liver will occur disorders.So in daily life, it is easy to have abnormal bleeding problems, especially repeated nasal bleeding phenomenon.For example, after sleeping at night or getting up in the morning, there will be inexplicable nosebleed problems, and some patients will also be accompanied by bleeding gums.In a word, although the symptoms of early liver cancer patients are not very serious, they are characterized by intermittent, persistent and progressive aggravation, especially the above five symptoms are more obvious.In addition, there are also patients with spider nevus, fatigue, weight loss, fever and other problems.Therefore, when these symptoms occur repeatedly, it is necessary to be hospitalized for the first time and receive regular treatment in order to maintain their health to the greatest extent.

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