Pingyi health center to carry out “send smoke is equal to send harm, want New Year flavor not smoke flavor” volunteer propaganda service activities

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China. Family reunion and friends gathering will inevitably respect cigarettes and smoke, and tobacco as a gift. In fact, smoking is harmful to health.In order to implement the requirements of the “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)” tobacco control action, further promote the public to understand the serious harm of smoking and second-hand smoke exposure, and create a good social atmosphere of not smoking in front of others and having the courage to refuse second-hand smoke, Pingyi Health Center will take “Send cigarettes = send harm” as the theme around the Spring Festival of 2022.Tobacco control campaigns have been launched.Pingyi institutes of organizing volunteer workers in the hospital complex building hall to carry out electronic screen propaganda, at the same time of young volunteers entered the county lotus park, home to ABC to develop “send smoke harm is equal to send” theme campaign to promote a smoke-free culture and reject to send smoke cigarettes such as walls, advocate citizens crowd health behaviors, such as not smoking, smoke disrespect guardian family health,Enjoy a smoke-free and healthy holiday.Smoking has many harmful effects. It not only engulfs the health and life of smokers, but also pollutes the air and harms others.Not only do smokers themselves have a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease or other tobacco-related diseases, they also put non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke at risk for lung cancer.At the scene of the activity, volunteers through hanging theme banners, theme posters, distributed propaganda leaflets, explain the harm of smoking and other forms of the general residents during the Spring Festival, do not send cigarettes and alcohol, send health and warmth.The campaign distributed more than 400 copies of tobacco control publicity materials.Through this activity, greatly improved the masses of the “send smoke = send harm” understanding, vigorously advocated residents do not smoke, disrespect smoke, do not send smoke, so that the New Year flavor do not smoke, do not smoke together, spend a healthy year!(Pu Fan Yan)

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