The green landscape of the Spring Festival Gala was made by an 18-year-old apprentice of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty

The 2022 Spring Festival evening show “only the green” is a dance epic, in northern song dynasty Wang Ximeng “Trinidad Jiang Shantu” as the background, in henan province after 90 girl Meng Qing jiyang for leads and creative performance out of the green landscape of the Chinese cultural elements, suit the contemporary characteristics, castle peak green water is the great background of jinshan yinshan, a hit, red slogan is not the subject matter,But beautiful dance, graceful dance, as well as the moving color of green landscape, put an ancient painting to the Spring Festival Gala is the first time.”A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” is a heavy color green painting painted by Wang Ximeng in the Song Dynasty. It is the longest landscape painting with color as the main work so far.Wang Ximeng was an imperial painter in the later years of the Northern Song Dynasty. He was painted by Zhao Ji, emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, and was personally instructed by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty.This painting has CAI Jing inscription behind the proof: “Politics and three years, leap April 8.Hemon was eighteen years old and had been a student of painting.Called into the forbidden Chinese library, paintings, not much work.On the knowledge of its nature can be taught, then teach the instruction, teach its law.Not more than half a year old, but in this plan.On the top of the praise, because of the minister jing, that the day corporal in doing.”It can be seen that when Wang Ximeng was 18 years old, he was already a disciple of Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty. It is still being studied whether emperor Huizong of Song dynasty has written a painting in it.And “shang” personally to a favorite, the capital’s largest calligrapher CAI Jing, CAI Jing and inscription to show that the world of people of lofty ideals, are in the management of the thousands of miles of land.This painting is 51.5cm long and 1191.5cm across, which is basically the size of 12 banners three feet and a whole piece of rice paper. But this is not rice paper, but silk, and the core of the painting is silk.The painting is very imposing.Generally speaking, it is a cyan based color landscape painting. The mountain is mainly cyan, supplemented by green, yellow at the bottom, and the overall tone is cool color.The magnificent mountains and rivers around the capital Bianjing show the magnificent mountains and rivers around Kaifeng, Henan province, in plain English, it is our northern mountain scenery.Isn’t it?Freehand Chinese painting do not pay attention to where the mountain?Where is the water?Both are the great rivers and mountains of China and the vast territory of the Great Song Dynasty.I used to copy this painting. I was going to copy all of it, but I stopped when I started, because Mr. Wang Ximeng’s painting was too delicate. The whole painting was fine fine brushwork without any freehand brushwork lines or splashes of ink.Song Dynasty Chinese painting is the peak of our national painting, Song Huizong personally in charge, any freehand brushwork and handsome will not be included in the Royal Academy of Painting, the same, 18 years old zhao Ji appreciate Wang Ximeng naturally in place, there is no sense of social intercourse and conflict.Exquisite painting line, add again and regularity of embellish dye, blue and green transition, color natural transition, has been to the bottom of the yellow earth, catering to the natural, natural rule, is painting and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, write the beautiful country side quiet zhiyuan, describes artistically vivid DaSong prosperous times, how can you get DaSong emperor was to pay attention to?Green mountains and clear water is a kind of painting, one of the four Kings of the Qing Dynasty, Wang Hui said: “Where the green, the body should be serious, the gas should be light and clear, effective in shading halo, more than thirty years of static interpretation of the green method to do its best.”It can be seen that there is no ink and color foundation is impossible to achieve overnight.Later literati paintings could not achieve this kind of green landscape artistic conception, directly said that the landscape mainly brush and ink, supplemented by color, this idea completely bound the development of Traditional Chinese painting for a thousand years, the Ming Dynasty Qiu Ying, Zhang Hong’s development of green landscape, also failed to reach the song people’s heavy color brush, until the modern time again put forward the theory of heavy color green.Zhang Daqian defies Dunhuang 3 years bitter, face dunhuang fresco just groped out heavy color painting, this already left song Dynasty millennium long yi!Compared with other paintings, such as the background painting of “Remembering The South”, which was performed at the same time in the Spring Festival Gala, “Living in the Fuchun Mountains” by Huang Gongwang, the yuan emperor, is also slightly better. Its research value shows the desire of the Song Dynasty. The painting techniques are all models for people to learn and are required to be learned by the Academy of Fine Arts.This year’s gala showcased many elements of Chinese culture, combined with contemporary technology, bringing the gala to a climax and bringing people’s hopes closer to reality.

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