“Worldly” : week home “life” the most different two women, one encounter, the gap came out

Zhou Rong and Zheng Juan, zhou Rong and Zheng Juan, completely fulfilled the old saying, that is, people with different lives.About the same age, also about the same beautiful, but the actual life, and the growth process, that is a thousand different.Zhou Rong is the only daughter of the old Zhou family.His father is a worker and his mother is a cadre of street offices.There was an older brother up there and a younger brother down there.She’s pretty and she’s got some talent.Although born in guangzi, “rare things are precious”, girls like Zhou Rong are “held” by other children in hutong.Say a little princess in the alley, that is not too much.Favored outside, not to mention at home.As the only daughter of the family, she was a very beautiful and intelligent daughter, and the love she received from childhood was really enviable.In the drama, young Zhou Rong loves reading, and Zhou Fu immediately promises to pay for her education even if she smashes her wok and sells her iron.In the original story, Zhou Rong leaves home for love without telling her parents and goes to the countryside in Guizhou province.Zhou Fu temporarily difficult to accept, directly hit Zhou Bingkun a box in the face.Blame him for not taking care of his sister.For the sake of his daughter, he took out his anger on his innocent young son.The parents of the Zhou family complained about their daughter’s departure, but they were worried about it.Zhou Fu, in particular, only went home once in three years.But he leng is this precious opportunity, used to go to Guizhou to see her daughter.Winding mountain road, bumpy long-distance car.And so he carried a basket full of flour.Heavy, are concerned about.If Zhou Rong’s life, it is soaked in honey pot.And Zheng Juan, is bubble in bitter water, smelly water.Abandoned as a child by his biological parents, he was adopted by an elderly foster mother.She was adopted together with a blind brother Zheng Guangming.Living in the worst part of the city.She lived with her foster mother and brother, who were not related by blood.Home bitter, can let Zhou Bingkun was deeply shocked.In other children with parents can act in pettish age, Zheng Juan has carried the responsibility of the family early.Zhou Rong can for love, not family.But Zheng Juan is in order to live, give up self-esteem.A good-looking woman, a good-looking woman from a poor family, plus no job, was doomed to go through a lot of waste in those days.In the face of alive and self-esteem, Zheng Juan was forced to choose the former, so she dealt with between men.But when a delicate flower is placed in front of him, there is always a man with ulterior motives who cannot hold it and wants to pick it.Raped by Luo Shibin, pregnant children, zheng Juan is the most helpless thing.When she could not live, Chow bingkun appeared as a savior.His honest, pure good, let the fate of the woman crushed heart.Zheng Juan to Zhou Bingkun, have heart, have gratitude, also have some of her small calculations.Zhou Bingkun’s appearance, for Zheng Juan, is a life-saving straw.She must clutch at this straw if she is to live.Zheng Juan’s affection for Zhou Bingkun is clear.His calculation was also clear.Zheng Juan’s thoughts, at first glance, quite inexplicable.But after listening to what she said to Chow bingkun yesterday, you can understand.Artesian and Roxbin got caught. She knows about it.Behind continued to receive Zhou Bingkun sent money, she knew the money may have a problem, but still received.It’s not that she’s greedy, it’s that she can’t live without it.It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t live, but not if her brother and son don’t live.(Zheng Guangming had said to Zhou Bingkun, if it were not for them, that Zheng Juan I am afraid would have been killed) thinking if Zhou Bingkun one day because of the money was caught, then she took all the responsibility down, but also worthy of Zhou Bingkun.This toughness, has been struggling to support the shureng Zheng Juan.With this layer, then look at The calculation of Zheng Juan zhou Bingkun, helpless let a person some heartache.If you don’t count, how can you live?This compromise, like Zheng Juan give up self-esteem, accept The aid of Luo Shibin, water artesian, is not painful?Zheng Juan in the calculation of Zhou Bingkun at the same time, I’m afraid also secretly determined, if the man is in trouble later, then she must be reckless to help?Compared with Zheng Juan, Zhou Rong is not a bit better.Can take a good card of Zhou Rong, but still lost to Zheng Juan.02: Zhou Rong, who was born with “good cards”, lost to Zheng Juan, who had nothing. There is no doubt that Zhou Rong is selfish.For love, hello are not dozen, a person secretly ran to guizhou to the countryside.Zhou mother cried for her bad eyes, zhou Father for her broken heart.Her father eagerly came to see her, but put forward some doubts about her love, Zhou Rong can in front of her old father, say severance.This is not punishing himself, this is the father of their own preference, punishing his father.Zhou Rong this person, bear most of the parents love, but she brought to the old Zhou family?Potential political implications?Or the care of digging the heart quench bone?Her mother had wept her eyes out and had been missing her for seven years.And because of her, direct stimulation stroke paralysis.Younger brother Zhou Bingkun for her, bear the wrath of his father, more because of her so-called love, the so-called great wit poet, be chained to prison.If not catch up with the good times, Zhou Bingkun is not half a year’s matter, even if the shooting is possible.And zhou Rong herself?What did she get for the love she pursued?Is it the hardship of the mountain, or the grievance of daily fear?If she had not left home willfully, but to obey the arrangement of parents, in the suburbs of the countryside.Is her life a lot easier?Although Zhou Rong repeatedly stressed that her love is not wrong, she has no regrets about her choice, but the back of the divorce, is not blatantly hit the face?It can be said that God gave Zhou Rong a good hand, but she put this hand good card, played rotten out of the sky.But Zhou Rong rotten, and more than a choice?And Feng Turned into home, halfway encountered a fight, Feng Turned into implicated was arrested.Zhou Rong at this time of reaction, very absolutely.She left her daughter with someone else to take back to Zhou’s home.And Zhou Rong himself, but rushed back to Guizhou, let Feng Huacheng unit mediation.Zhou Rong subconscious do this choice, have you considered the old mother in the home?Mother and daughter haven’t seen each other in seven years.Only her granddaughter arrived, but not her daughter and son-in-law.What do you want old mother to think?Chow knew that he hid the news of his mother’s stroke from his father and brother, so as not to worry them.But Zhou Rong, but “worry” to the mother sent door.No matter how good a lie you tell, the biggest flaw is missing your daughter and son-in-law.If it was not necessary, how could he entrust his own daughter to someone else to take her to zhou’s house?Zhou rong herself also said that her mother could not bear things, let alone stimulation.Instead, she sent the baby to her mother.This wave operation, it’s amazing.Zhou rong is largely responsible for her mother’s paralysis from a stroke.Read zhou Rong distress reaction, and then look at Zheng Juan shouldering things of courage, that Zhou Rong, really bad is not a little bit.That Zhou Bingkun’s mother is paralyzed, there is still a small niece in the home to take care of, Zhou Bingkun is unable to find the right person to help.Zheng Juan is not afraid of gossip, with his son, and pulled the blind brother came over when the week home “nanny”.A pretty young widow to nurse a single man in his prime is to be talked about in the neighbourhood.Others point, Zheng Juan really don’t care?Not care, but relative to those hostile eyes, she would like to repay Zhou Bingkun.And how did she repay Him?Not only help zhou mother tidy up the house, also help Zhou mother scrub body, massage acupoints.More in the week mother solution not to move bowels, actually directly with the hand “dig” out.An outsider can do this, can’t help but admire people.With this, “filial daughter” Zhou Rong, completely lost to Zheng Juan.In addition to taking care of people, Zheng Juan can also carry things.In that Zhou Bingkun was taken away by the public security, Zheng Juan difficult grief, the heart is like a collapse.But despite her grief, she gritted her teeth and got on with life.One person, all the hard work of raising a family.Not only take good care of the week’s mother, also take care of the week’s home up and down, are full of fireworks.What would Zhou Rong have done?Zhou Fu partial pain daughter Zhou Rong, but to the Zheng Juan of widow previous experience, holding extremely deep prejudice however.Knowing that his wife was paralyzed, Zhou Fu returned home and the first thing he did was not to thank Zheng Juan for her care.Instead, she and Nannan were thrown out of zhou’s house.In his eyes, Zheng Juan is not a benefactor of the zhou family, but an attempt to corrupt his zhou jiamen wind.Little imagine, this is zhou Fu’s narrow, Zheng Juan is the daughter-in-law that accords with his requirement most.

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