Zhengyang County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the front-line supervision to help spring ploughing run “acceleration”

Zhumadian net news (reporter Xu Xiaofang correspondent Xiong Leibing) at the moment, when the spring planting season BeiBo, zhenyang county commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee, fully give play to the role of supervision and security implementation, promote the development of perfect, the supervision and inspection with the personalized service, sinking a line for spring planting material reserve, fund in place, usage and so on key link to carry out supervision and inspection,To ensure the orderly progress of spring ploughing preparation work.It is understood that the county commission for discipline inspection and supervision to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization effective connection as the starting point, combined with zhengyang national peanut first cultivation county advantage, with relevant functional departments with good live agricultural machinery subsidies and measures for local agricultural machinery production enterprises grab development opportunities.At present, the county has cultivated and strengthened the peanut production machinery based local agricultural machinery enterprises up to 38, for the spring soil deep pine, peanut ridge planting plays an important role.In addition, the county commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee also combined with the style of “ability construction year” activities, organizing committee office, the villages and towns (street) ji (Labour) appoint, accredited institutions, the inspector institutions cadre, in-depth market towns, the fields, to the propaganda of the farmer’s spring and spring closely related laws and regulations, improve the farmers’ consciousness of rights according to law.At present, the county 1.81 million mu of wheat has been carried out top dressing 300,000 mu, weeding 1.2 million mu, issued more than 100,000 technical cards, mediation and settlement of “agriculture-related” cases 19 cases, enforcement of “agriculture-related” cases 18, issued implementation funds 126,000 yuan, spring ploughing preparation work is good and orderly.

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