Not industrial scrap!The new BJ40 is on the market, with metal design, luxurious interior and powerful price

When it comes to China’s OFF-road vehicles, I’m afraid that most of the partners with off-road knowledge will think of a model, which is relatively controversial, that is Beijing BJ40.People who like it think that the new car is durable and reliable;For those who don’t like it, it looks like it came from 20 years ago.In January this year, BJ40 has a new model on the market, but only one configuration model, the manufacturer’s guide price is 209,900 yuan.The new BJ40 has a silver grey coating, which is officially called storm Mecha. Do you agree with this design?The front of the car adopts a particularly tough design, which distinguishes it from the Urban heSUV we bought.The robust intake net adopts the family five-square hole design, and the bright headlights are matched with the intake net, and carry LED near and far headlights and daytime running lights.It is worth mentioning that the upper position of the bumper adopts a rectangular design echoing with the intake net, and the visual sense of lighting is very good. The front also has its own tow hook device.The design of the side of the car is special and tough. Some friends laugh that it is a big G made in China. Do you agree with it?The new car is visually striking with red brake calipers, blackened wheels, a tough-guy body design and metallic silver mirrors.The tail of this BJ40 uses a design that makes young consumers excited. The thick bumper, rectangular suspended taillight, and the design of hanging after the hub are matched. The visual sense is actually very good.Some friends say that the exterior design of this model is as good as the tank 300.In the body data part, BJ40 is 4630/1925/1871mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2745mm.Many friends think that the interior design of BJ40 must be very rough, in fact, they did not pay much attention to the Beijing BJ40 for example, its interior design is not inferior to modern family SUV, I am not exaggerating, everyone take a look at its interior design, is it similar to Mercedes car?In addition, the car also uses a multi-color interior atmosphere lamp, looks very good visual sense.The central control unit has a 10.25-inch floating LCD screen, satellite navigation and positioning systems, and even a connected car system that matches six hi-fi brands.The size of the driving computer screen is also excellent, with a 12.3-inch full LCD color meter screen.The modern design of the whole car is quite in place, and the car is decorated with more chrome.Of course, off-road features, such as the off-road handrails in the passenger seat, have not been completely discarded.It can be said that the interior design of the new car has been upgraded strongly, and the embellishment of the details is also very beautiful.The ride comfort of the BJ40 is not that great, mainly because the overall sound insulation is poor, after all, this is an SUV, not a family SUV.Finally, let’s take a look at the powertrain. The BJ40 is powered by a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 224 HP and a peak torque of 380N·m. It is powered by in-cylinder direct injection technology and matched with an eight-gear automatic transmission.Friends do not need to worry about oil requirements, because this BJ40 only needs 92 gasoline, coupled with the four-wheel drive chassis design, this model has both appearance level and sense of science and technology, strong power performance, for oil requirements are not high.So how do you think the price of 209,900 yuan of BJ40 is cost-effective?Who has the edge over its rival, the Harvard H9?Welcome to leave a message.

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