People’s Court Daily push | NPC Deputy Yang Changqin: Demonstrate the court’s responsibility in the construction of ecological civilization

Yang Changqin, NPC deputy and inheritor of Guizhou Province’s intangible cultural heritage chishui Bamboo weaving, visited the People’s Court of Chishui City, Guizhou Province, and visited the “Cross-regional Judicial Cooperation Ecological Restoration Base in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River” and “Judicial Cooperation Ecological Restoration Practice Base in the Chishui River Basin”.In The Chishui Court, Yang Changqin listened to the report on the work of environmental and resource trials and inter-regional judicial cooperation on ecological and environmental protection in the Chishui River Basin, and fully affirmed the positive exploration and innovation of the Zunyi Court in the judicial protection of ecological and environmental protection.Practice base in general judicial cooperation in ecological restoration, Yang Changqin visited the base of the first phase of selling, on the base of the construction background, planning, objectives etc. Carried on the thorough understanding, Yang Changqin “thumb up”, “ecological restoration practice base construction, in the education to guide the masses to improve environmental protection consciousness, promote green development in the process of sample significance.”Yang Changqin said, a general is one of the most important river in the upper Yangtze river, is worthy of the name “ecological river” “river”, “hero” river “vintage bank”, is our children’s “mother river” on both sides of the Taiwan, protect the chishui, ahead of the people’s court, want to be in front, dry on the front, especially want to combine type case multiple areas, location, population, such as research,We will make precise efforts in the circuit trial, judicial cooperation, publicity and guidance of environmental and resource cases, lead the general value of ecological and environmental protection society with judicial protection, and effectively promote ecological civilization construction in the Chishui River Basin.Source: People’s Court Daily

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