Red alert for fog!Many expressways in Liaoning were temporarily closed

This article was transferred from;Meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning center of liaoning province in late February 9 to continuously published on February 10, early morning fog red warning signs: expected February 9 at night to the morning of February 10, huludao city, xing-cheng and coastal waters, jinzhou city, LingHai, yi county, Bei Town, Montenegro, dalian Jin Pu district strong reducing visibility to less than 50 meters will appear from the heavy fog weather.At the same time, the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Bureau also issued a level iv alert for fog in accordance with the “Liaoning Province Expressway Disaster Weather Emergency Linkage Plan”. The strong fog weather in the above areas may cause traffic line interruption.As of 8:37 on February 10, all toll stations in Huludao and Panjin cities in Liaoning province have restricted vehicles from entering expressways due to fog.A total of 22 toll stations in Shenyang, Anshan, Jinzhou and Fuxin were temporarily closed.(CCTV reporter Ji Yifi)

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