The 13th month, is “Yang Bogey”, Pepsi taboo?See what the day is about?Terrible?

On the 13th day of the first lunar month, is “Yang Gong Ji”, Pepsi taboo?See what the day is about?Scary?As we all know, since ancient times, the Chinese nation during the Spring Festival taboo.And to the thirteenth day of the first lunar month, is the biggest day of folk death: Yang Gongji.Pepsi is said to be taboo, right?Is it that scary?I am talking about folk custom bit by bit, see Yang Gong ji together!1, what is Yang Gongji?In the folk, often hear the old people say that the 13th day of the first month is “Yang Gong Ji”, is what can not do, Pepsi taboo, especially marriage, opening celebrations, and travel and so on, so many people inevitably some worry.So what is Yang Gongji?Let’s talk about it.”Yang Gong death day” : also called “Yang Gong thirteen bogey”, legend is the Tang Dynasty feng shui master Yang Yunsong set.Identify 13 days of the year as unlucky.Among the people, especially some old people believe that Yang Gongji is the most vicious and evil day of the year, and it is also a very unlucky taboo day. It can be said that nothing can be done, and everything is taboo, is it not so?We look at the origin of Yang Gongji, will understand.2, the origin of Yang Gongji about the origin of Yang Gongji, folklore is more, some say Yang Guang’s death, it is said that Yang Guang has 13 sons, in the year thirteen day, one of the son died, after every 28 days, will lose a son.Cha-cha a year is lost altogether.In the folk, people think that these days are the omen of great evil, unlucky, and people called “Yang Gong death Day”.But more legend is the golden sword Yang Jiye, qilang eight tigers into the history of you state story.You have heard or seen the TV series Yang Jia General, and you know the tragic story.On the thirteenth day of the first lunar month, Yang Jiye was ambushed in the two Wolf Mountain and defeated at the Golden Beach. He died, was wounded, and suffered a fatal blow.Yang Ling gong also touched dead in front of the Li Ling monument, a loyal.Folklore is “sheep” met “Wolf”, the consequences can be imagined, especially the two “Wolf” mountain, the omen of great evil.On the 13th day of the first lunar month, Yang’s generals died.In order to commemorate Yang’s generals, the 13th day of the first lunar month is called “Ji of Yang Gong”.Which days is the folklore of Yang Gong bogey, the 13th is the first Yang Gong bogey of the New Year, its sex is especially fierce.Begin from this day, behind every month is two days ahead of schedule “Yang Gong dies day”, a year total 13 days, call again so “Yang Gong 13 avoid”, everywhere taboo.It is hard to avoid doubt: There was the Tang Dynasty before the Song Dynasty.Yang Linggong was born in song Dynasty. How could it be created by Yang Yunsong, born in Tang Dynasty?As a matter of fact, Yang Junsong was one of the four great masters of Kanyu Ming in China, and had created the Thirteen Ji of Yang Gong in the Tang Dynasty.Because Yang Jun song surname Yang, has become the anniversary of The death of Yang Gong.Later, because the Yang family will be a loyal soldier, was widely praised by the folk, and the two Wolf mountain war, it is said that the 13th generation of the first month to commemorate the Yang Jiye family, called Yang Gongji.So which 13 days are Yang Gong’s death day?Let’s see, in addition to the 13th day of the first month, there are 12 days.They are the 11th day of the 2nd lunar month, the 9th day of the 3rd lunar month, the 7th day of the 4th lunar month, the 5th day of the 5th lunar month and the 3rd day of the 6th lunar month.The second half of the year is the first day of the seventh lunar month and the 29th of the seventh lunar month.August is 27, September 25, October 23, November 21, and the twelfth month is 19.It is known as “The Thirteen Bogeys of Yang Gong”, which lasts for 13 days.For your reference only.4, Pepsi taboo we have seen, the 13th month, mainly to commemorate a loyal Yang will, to commemorate the golden sword Yang Jiye, and the inheritance of folk customs.”Yang Gong thirteen ji”, that is, from the 13th day of the first month, two days in advance each month, for Yang Gong’s death day.In the folk pay more attention to, this is not capable, that can not do, especially the start of business, moving to a new house, marriage and so on, often worry about bad luck.Therefore, when important events, most people will choose to take the initiative to avoid Yang Gongji, but also hope for peace and good luck.Poem yun: “good day do not forget to comfort the faithful, Guan Gong Yang Gong respectful offering”.This is the traditional custom of “consoling the martyrs”, and people miss the tradition of loving the country and the people.New era, new fashion.We walked into the new era, it is difficult to remember these taboo days, therefore, there is no need to tangle Yang Gongji, everything is ok, everything is smooth, smooth sailing.

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