Three systems add a little flow novel, cool point wave after wave, the protagonist by adding a little evolution all the way to take off

Hello everyone, recently the weather slowly become cold, we pay attention to keep warm, winter approaching, holding a fantasy novel, let yourself lit up!I hope you valiant, handsome and extraordinary little lovely together to have a look, sure to be very good-looking!Click like and follow if you like.Recommend # # novel small make up recommend everyone today: three novel system with a little stream, great waves, leading role by adding all the way evolution took off the first: “eternal sword master” author: get a short book review: three novel system with a little stream, great waves, leading role by adding evolution through the plane taking off, all the way to attribute power, add some, supreme overlord.Guide to getting into the pit: Before he could speak, the previous boy imitated his voice and shouted.Lin Xin quickly turned sideways to avoid the heat flow, but then the other party is a move three Yang sword, this number of heat flow respectively toward his lower body from three directions.Frightened, Lin Xin quickly stepped back, but still could not avoid a mass of heat, his arm was rubbed in a little, and his clothes were scorched and almost lit up.”Shameless!The young voice came again.Lin Xin turned his head and looked at him. The guy was standing there watching the fun with a cheeky smile.”What’s wrong with you?”Kunsilo asked softly. “Is there something wrong?Would you like my brother to rub it for you?”His voice is soft, but his eyes never leave Lin Xin’s lower body. There is a hint of evil that makes Lin Xin’s skin crawl all over.”Yuan Yang yi Qi!”As Lin xin clenched his teeth, the body of the sword was shaken, and the temperature rose rapidly around the blade. A mass of rotating hot air quickly revolved around the blade, and the whole blade turned dim and no longer had any red light.But the temperature around the blade was getting higher and higher.”Yuan Yang qi?”Kun Silang eyes flash, single hand sword also use the final trick of the sword without inflammation, but his yuan Yang qi than Lin Xin obviously much stronger.Lin Xin was also using the sword with one hand, but the other hand had quietly grasped the hilt of the sword.(click below to read for free) the second: “the strongest counter-routine system” author: Taishang Buyi short book review: the strongest counter-routine, MY TM backhand is a routine, sweeping the immortal realm invincible hand, ask who else?Guide into the pit: that night, Xu Lack in the small town of the market around a circle, the road from time to time there are immortal after, are attracted by his black robe, but because he always exudes a threat, no one is willing to provoke him, have chosen to detour.So Xu lack this all the way down, not only bought part of the thing, but also the harvest of several ten loaded force value.But because the night is late, many shops have long closed rest, Xu Lack had to randomly find an inn, temporarily live down.The next morning, the market began to lively, the stores have opened, Xu Qian will go to the market again.In the wonder and awe of many impostors, he walked with his head held high and his black robe tossed step by step.In my mind, the reward prompt sound of the system is constantly ringing, and I am chengcheng-cheng!Finally, it was not easy to buy everything together, Xu Qian’s outfit force value has risen a lot, from 25 to 130, a big profit.Then he left the town satisfied.After stepping out of the small town, he took the opportunity of no one around, put all the things into the system storage space, at the same time, he changed his black robe, put on the coarse linen clothes, carrying a tail grass, and went to panshan village.(Click below to read for free) Third book: The First Master of History by: Angel of The Underworld Short book Review: Through, and become a class of honor!It seems to be good, but the faction seems to be weak and there are fewer people…Into the pit guide: got the cotton palm of the ye wen heart is very happy, because the call out of this kung fu on behalf of him finally have a good, can be used against the enemy of the palm.Although not now oneself want swordsmanship, but the person can not be too greedy is not?Opened the book is not thick roughly look again, have a general understanding of this palm method, and finally can determine that this set of cotton palm is from the wudang school of cotton palm, rather than other schools.Mianzhang is a set of kung fu, similar to changquan, with many schools of inheritance. Although they are similar in general, many details are different.In the original work, ye Wen’s book is considered to be the ancestor of this set of zhangfa, so the name of zhangfa is mian Zhangfa only, unlike other sets of similar martial arts in the same work, which also need to be decorated with gold ding and Cold bing to distinguish them.Ye Wen, who had always been fond of reading novels, was not unaware of this set of palm techniques, which to some extent had something in common with the later birth of Taijiquan.This kind of kungfu looks soft, but it contains strong strength, which makes it more consistent, and often beats the opponent from left to right.(Click below to read for free) three system add a little flow novel, cool point wave after wave, the protagonist by adding a little evolution all the way to take off today’s recommendation here, we have what small make up to say?Comments at the end of the article below message area, small make up can see oh, looking forward to your message ~ to review: three novel dark flow, an great determination, leading role on the edge of the fault crazy test three novel XianXia flow, leading role was driven, with the strong, waste counter attack, through the end of the three major domain of science fiction, leading role awakening power, save the inferno, difficult to survive in the wilderness

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