To quote!Good news, Uzi is back in training after 26 days!Rank: true

Preface: In the half of the spring tournament, LNG, RNG, WBG and EDG are the strong teams without any doubt, while WBG’s strength fluctuates a little bit.In addition, V5 and BLG are also strong teams, but they need a question mark.Why put a question mark?Because there are very obvious problems, for example, BLG does not have absolute Carrey match players, players on paper only look very strong, except Liu Qingsong, others have not reached the high limit.BLG lost the game against LNG, but BLG had a good chance to win.BLG made a huge decision error in the tiebreaker, which suddenly turned what had been a close race in favor of LNG.Unlike losing to RNG, BLG losing to LNG was a bit of a pity, and it also exposed the problem in the team – not being sensible in the middle and late stages of decision making.BLG’s AD player Doggo was also questioned after losing to LNG, especially after seeing him hit 3355 points with Shamira, the audience joked that he would rather play Uzi.On February 15, Uzi returned to practice after 26 days.Before the spring games, the BLG kept Uzi playing practice games to help him get back into shape.But Uzi didn’t play any more practice games after the start of the game, keeping Doggo on the court.Now Uzi is back in training, which means he has a chance to play, and BLG’s next three games are IG, AL and WE, which are not strong teams, Uzi should not have much difficulty playing against these teams.As we all know, Uzi’s journey to Rank was not smooth. He always suffered from actor’s troubles, which made his Rank difficult.But now I look up Uzi’s Hanbok account, and I’m surprised to find that he has hit the title of master duan.You know, he’s been acting before, and his mentality exploded, and he fell to drill two.After participating in the training competition, Uzi won all the way to the master stage.Sure enough, training matches can really improve a player’s condition and strength.After seeing Uzi’s Rank, netizens called it true. Uzi’s most games ended in about 15 minutes.There is a lot of interest in Uzi’s return and everyone is waiting to see when he can play.Uzi will play in March, but BLG will play TES on March 1. Uzi will be under a lot of pressure then.Now Uzi is playing in training matches, and BLG’s next opponents are all weak, so Uzi can play IG, AL or WE matches if he’s in good shape.Uzi wants to play, but he’s not doing well.So, which game do you think Uzi will play?Welcome to the discussion.

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