When we met Omicron in the busiest financial season, all members of Hangzhou United Bank acted together to fight the epidemic

As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger approaches, the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus has once again disrupted the rhythm of Hangzhou.With the outbreak of Omicron threatening, all members of Hangzhou United Bank took action to implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, stuck to their posts to guarantee financial services, went to the front line to participate in grassroots anti-epidemic efforts, and donated supplies to visit epidemic prevention personnel, which made this traditional festival have a different meaning.Every year around the Spring Festival, hangzhou citizens’ financial demand is the most exuberant time, hangzhou United Bank is also the busiest time.After the outbreak of the epidemic, Hangzhou United Bank immediately launched an emergency response mechanism to ensure the normal operation of branches under the premise of implementing relevant epidemic prevention requirements of the “Three Districts”.”Today is 27, at most there are more than 100 customers waiting.”The bank along the pu branch staff told reporters.In order to reduce the gathering of personnel and shorten the waiting time, the bank launched the emergency service mechanism of branches, opened special counters to handle business for special customer groups first, and strengthened self-service machines to guide the rapid diversion of customers.Near noon, the bank’s staff also distributed dumplings, bread and other food for customers to ease the anxiety of waiting customers.It is understood that the bank’s main branches do not have a holiday during the Spring Festival, and relevant staff stick to their posts to continue to provide financial services.In addition, the reporter also learned that the outbreak of the epidemic, part of the staff of Hangzhou United Bank in the community was temporarily closed, the bank to strengthen the overall coordination of personnel and materials between branches, to ensure the normal operation of branches;At the same time, in order to avoid the impact of temporary closure measures, some employees of the bank voluntarily stay in the office building, take their work as home, or sleep on the floor or folding beds, to ensure the normal operation of branches and timely meet the needs of customers in the peak season of the Spring Festival.Go to the front line, incarnated “volunteer red” epidemic prevention and control, duty bound.On the basis of doing their job well, many employees of Hangzhou United Bank volunteered to fight the epidemic in their spare time and during the Spring Festival holiday.On the afternoon of January 26, puyan Street in Binjiang District launched the full coverage of nucleic acid testing for residents.Upon receiving the notification, the Puyan Branch of the Bank quickly set up a volunteer service team to assist communities in informing residents door-to-door, distributing supplies, maintaining the site and ensuring orderly nucleic acid sampling.Before 7 o ‘clock in the morning of the second day of the Chinese New Year, volunteers from the Xixing Branch of the Bank were already on standby at the nucleic acid testing site of an industrial park within xixing Street, receiving workers and surrounding residents for nucleic acid testing, maintaining on-site order and providing logistics support for medical staff.At the beginning of the Spring Festival holiday, Wu Zuyan, an employee of Jianqiao Branch of The Bank, took the initiative to participate in community volunteer service. She changed her “wealth manager” uniform into a volunteer “red vest” to go to the anti-epidemic scene, reminding residents to take nucleic acid tests, and assisting the community in carrying out travel code checks, phone tracking and data comparison.Support the front line, build a “firewall” weal and woe together, highlight the financial temperature.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hangzhou United Bank has actively organized and mobilized, donated emergency supplies and epidemic prevention materials to the front line, and jointly built a “firewall” for epidemic prevention and control.Recently, Hangzhou United Bank Jiangcun Sub-branch sent anti-epidemic materials to Jiangcun Sub-district, Jiangcun Sub-district Community Health Service Center, Wenxin Sub-district, Wenxin Sub-district Community Health Service Center and other units.Jiefang Road Branch sent emergency food, disinfection water and other epidemic prevention materials to Maolangxiang community and Dongpingxiang community;Shangtang Branch carried love materials to Ruillex Quarantine Hotel in Gongshu District to visit epidemic prevention workers…In addition to the organization, the staff also took voluntary actions to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control.From January 27 to 29, Lu Yongwen, an employee of the bank, delivered more than 360 free breakfasts to the medical staff of Binjiang Yingchun Area for three consecutive days, which made the epidemic prevention workers feel warm and warm in the cold wind.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.

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