A man waiting room shoplifting to steal a leather bag, the iron police immediately arrested it

Jiang, a man from Nanchang, Jiangxi province, was caught by Zhang Wei, a police officer of changsha Railway Public Security Department, on the K34 train when he saw a passenger standing up to leave the huizhou station.Now Jiang mou has been taken criminal compulsory measures by public security organs.Iron alert tips: don’t move crooked thoughts, have a good New Year;Passengers should take good care of their personal belongings.On January 29, 2022, zhang Wei, a police officer from Changsha Railway Public Security Department, was patrolling the K34 train when he received an instruction that a man stole a black leather bag while others were not watching at Huizhou Station. He was suspected of theft and was fleeing the K34 train. The bag contained 3,600 yuan and an OPPO mobile phone worth 2,000 yuan.Zhang Wei then searched the train with the conductor and found the man in carriage 12. Zhang Wei immediately took him under control and found a black leather bag on his seat.After interrogation, the man confessed, his surname is Jiang, Nanchang, Jiangxi, 55 years old, this is to take the K34 train from Huizhou to Nanchang home.While waiting for a bus on the second floor of huizhou station, Jiang decided that a massage chair was more comfortable and chose a massage chair to sit down.Hear radio prompt start check-in K34 time stops, pack ready to get on the bus, beside a passenger got up to leave, will be a black bag on the seat, kang immediately the slanting idea, take the black leather bag away and immediately on the K34 train fled the scene, this thinking can “steal”, unexpectedly iron police arrested one of the directly.Correspondent He Jinlong shi Linghong Xiaoxiang Morning News Reporter Man Yankun Source: Fast Information (transferred from: Jinzhou Network police patrol law enforcement)

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