Art source: Hurry to collect!A guide for fine arts examinees

The 2022 joint examination of fine arts has ended. Here, Sister Tang also wishes the 2022 candidates to get high scores in the joint examination and be admitted to the school examination!But for the junior partners who want to take an examination of art in high school and high school, they can learn about the examination process of art by the way, master the exam content of professional courses, and plan their own way of examination and learning in advance.Now this stage, must have a lot of high school students, has been ready for the art test, so before we first ask ourselves three questions, first of all: whether you really suitable for the art test, according to your cultural level, external conditions and internal conditions, consider whether you are suitable for the art test.Number two: Do you really like art?If you have the opportunity to go to the art studio experience, learn what the real life of art candidates is like.Find out if you really like the major. After all, it can influence your major direction throughout college and your career direction after graduation.The 3rd point: the art that you choose takes an examination of major can go to what school.According to the current situation, you need to know clearly and make a study plan.If you are a senior one student now, you still need to focus on cultural courses, supplemented by specialized courses.At this time, the foundation of cultural courses is very important. Once it falls behind, it will directly affect the review of cultural courses after the joint examination. I’m afraid it will be too late to learn the foundation of cultural courses.You can use Saturday and Sunday or winter vacation time to go to the studio to learn the basic knowledge of the profession, and strive to finish the basic courses of sketch, color and sketch, so as to ensure that you can lay a good professional foundation in the first semester of the second year of high school.If you school next semester, now basically is to fine arts training, training in general is rectified, but with provisions of the Ministry of Education reform, the art is becoming more and more high to the requirement of literacy class, the pond sister does not recommend friends to give up the literacy class learning, specialized courses for, this will lead to the academic basis of gradually forgotten originally,So in this stage to do a good job of preparation for hardship, cultural professional need to grasp both.But a month or two months before the joint examination, the study of cultural classes will be put off, this time to sprint professional courses, because the art joint examination is now more and more important, the joint examination results can directly depend on what level of university you will go on.By November, provincial fine arts couplet has been started, the examinee needs in terms of professional course learning, remember to test content, equinoctial and test requirements and breakthrough training itself prone to the wrong place, unified exam passed provincial art undergraduate grades line, strive to get a good mark in the province fine arts unified exam.Subsequent according to their own entrance examination scores, or is the right and the colleges and universities, and their academic achievement level, need to consider their school exam, if you want to choose the school take an examination of, need to know about your school take an examination of college admissions and enrollment and the fractional line of calendar year, coupled with their own situation to see whether is suitable for the school take an examination of the colleges and universities,If must carry on the school take an examination of the professional course is to strengthen training, to the school take an examination of the sprint, almost in January next year, universities school exam started in succession, you need to query you enter oneself for an examination the provincial examination site of colleges and universities, some universities also test should be carried out in the colleges and universities, if want to go abroad, to plan ahead good accommodation arrangement,During the exam period, hotels near the school will be very full, and during the epidemic also need to protect their own safety.If you decide not to take the test after the end of the joint examination, you should return to the sprint of cultural classes. From December to June next year, you should go all out to invest in the sprint review of cultural classes.Especially for students with weak foundation of cultural courses, they can choose on-campus or off-campus institutions for cultural courses according to their own situation.Art examinee itself is very hard, only to understand all the art examination process, and do your important choice of each node, in order to take an examination of this road less detour ~ finally, Tang sister wish all art examinee can successfully enter their favorite university!

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