Dota2- angel jiao guan broadcast again!Water friend: pig emperor oba handsome handsome, angel baby love love love!

Hello, this is Zwj, captain Dragonfly.”Pig emperor” name we should have heard it?As a grassroots anchor (classic Ant King) whose only thing to talk about is a poor career record or a fight with Longdd, Angel Jiao zhuo gained a firm foothold in Dota circle by virtue of his strong psychological quality and better understanding of the game;However, it is a pity that at the peak of his career, he had a little conflict with YYF and temporarily quit the live broadcasting circle…01 farewell broadcast often follow the Dota circle friends should know, when the pig emperor although not what head anchor, but he is definitely a big anchor in the Dota plate, but his audience anger is very heavy, his broadcast room was even called by some players “cesspit”,Perhaps it is in the process of watching the angel focus live found too much excessive rhythm (grandma, text X), in the live platform to organize the offline carnival YYF angel focus also with cold eyes, then happened to our favorite BO3 link……Finally the misunderstanding of 2 people is also removed, however the relationship of these two people can not return to the past again however;YYF more than a “suppress” the rhythm of the pig emperor, and the angel coke also lost the heat of the past.It is worth mentioning that after this matter in the past pig Emperor actually opened for a period of live, I do not know because of the heat is not enough or lost interest, pig Emperor finally stopped broadcasting.02 Angel Jiao official announcement: 9737602022 January 31, late at night, in the recent extremely active angel jiao official announcement on the social platform said: “Happy New Year, everyone, long time no see, On February 2, the second day of the lunar New Year 12 o ‘clock, I will be in a tooth TV officially broadcast!Room 973760, on the day of the live broadcast, I will send New Year’s gifts to you. I hope I can grow with you in the New Year.Recently, angel coke can be said to be extremely active, not only in the high-end passers-by around 8000 points for a long time, but also because of PSG.LGD’s 5th position Y lost equipment to play teammates and made waves.Aside from the off-court talk, this 973760 is a drama. Well, PERSONALLY I prefer 97376!03 to respond to questions we mentioned before, even if the angel coke is in denouncing the PSG LGD. More than half a month before it y on social platform said oneself to multiple, but there are many water lost friend chat in the y gear team play this thing like to transfer the topic to angel jiao “ceng heat, paves the way for multiple” it, but this one is no exception.As you can see, when a user questioned angel Jiao’s motive of criticizing Y in this message, Angel Jiao did not shy away but directly answered: “It has nothing to do with this, even if I do not live broadcast I will do so, the live broadcast has been set.”In general, it is indeed a good decision for pig Emperor to transfer to a certain YA TV. After all, the competition in a certain fish side is really too fierce. There are both YYF, Maybe, Rejecter, Hao, Mu, Zhou and other star anchors with outstanding professional records, as well as Lao Chen, Zard, Lin Zi and other grassroots talent anchors with full program effects.In addition, after Longdd was sent away, Sccc was the only one that could be played in the Dota plate of a certain TV station. In this case, It really should be the most suitable platform for it at present. I hope it can bring us better watching experience after the re-broadcast.Also looking forward to his regular program “fight XX”!So what do you think about that?Do you think the contradiction between angel focus and Y has something to do with the replay?Do you think angel focus will be a threat to the current Sccc in Dota2?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and be sure to click “like” to support a wave.#dota2#

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