Dry the bowl of yuanxiao, taste the taste of the New Year in the heart, together again

The fifteenth day of the first month is the day of reunion dry the bowl of yuanxiao, dumplings……Residents make yuanxiao in Xidajie, Xiangdu District, Xingtai city, Hebei Province.(Xinhua/Zhang Chi) What are some unique New Year traditions worth savouringTo keep you on your journey this yearDespite mountains and rivers, there are always those who choose to stay behind because of their duty, their business needs and the need to defend the country and border areas, and the prevention and control of the epidemic.Reunion with loved ones “reverse” no matter in what form because of the holiday and heartwarming NianWeiEr in the games this year of the tiger Spring Festival all over the world of ice and snow in Beijing athletes gather together with their own efforts and struggle in the “faster, higher, stronger, more united” an upsurge of snow and ice, across the great river north and south front of the television audience and sometimes our breath,The tourists in the ice and snow Museum, some feet on double board, “galloping” on the snow experience “fast and furious”, some wearing skates, shuttling on the ice to feel the charm of sports……And so the tiger Spring Festival flavor “ice” is dye-in-the-wood games mascot “ice mound mound” fire all over world, “a pier is hard to find” even become one of the most remarkable focus outside of Beijing Olympic Games the Spring Festival, you and what is “ice mound mound” story issued on February 10th in gift ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic mascot “ice mound mound”.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang JianweiThe NianWeiEr taken culture on New Year’s eve “only the green” enrichment li jiangshan a dance jing China wei Forbidden City during the Spring Festival, one vote over the years vicissitudes of life is hard to find red Huang Wa witness “museum holidays of New Year customs in the city of” world heritage “fujian quanzhou people into the ancient alleyways explore a brick behind canopy of intangible cultural content in jiangxi province village drums sonorous,Dragon chun create a festive and peaceful atmosphere in hunan yongzhou nushu inheritance people live through the network platform to the year of the tiger blessing the long river of excellent traditional culture shape our memories of the “new” obsession in the consumer market of the shoes, the year of the tiger Spring Festival couplets NianWeiEr goodies for increased sales, such as health, intelligent and green welcomed “luxury” gold bracelet, rose “bonanza”Phoenix feather brooches and other “national tide” Spring Festival goods rise strongly widely praised…The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger “Buy buy buy” consigns the hope and contains the blessing of the year of the Tiger. The new vision of the year of the Tiger is being launched

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