Fake!Fake!Don’t order these red envelopes

Snatching red envelopes during The Spring Festival is one of our favorite activities, but police have issued a warning against these “red envelope” traps.Be careful!Be careful!During Spring Festival, in order to get a special red envelope cover, many people set the alarm clock to snatch it, but failed repeatedly.At this time, many people think of spending money to buy, however!Some netizens were cheated when they bought “wechat red envelope cover”!The scammer preposterously claimed that he had a large number of red envelope cover serial numbers to sell, when someone came to ask, the scammer would sell at a price ranging from a few to tens of yuan, when the transaction, the scammer would avoid the platform, saying that the serial numbers are virtual goods, buyers must pay first before goods.Once they receive the money, fraudsters send fake serial numbers or simply block them.Since the launch of the wechat red envelope cover, wechat has clearly stipulated that the customized side shall not charge users any fees in any form because of the wechat red envelope cover.Be careful!Be careful!Be careful!The “fake red envelope” scam has been circulating on the Internet for years, but it’s still one of the most accessible and gullible forms of scams in our daily lives.On the one hand, these fake red envelope links are almost all forwarded by their friends, so people think that since they are sent by friends, there should be no problem.On the other hand, the swindlers will also pack the fake red envelope links into all kinds of unexpected looks, which are hard to guard against.Fake red envelope sets require personal information.The red packets that require the input of the payee’s personal information, such as name, mobile phone number and bank card number, are absolutely fake.Share links to grab red packets.When you see red envelopes shared in moments of friends, such as phone charges, gifts, coupons, etc., click on the link to ask for attention first, but also to share the red envelopes to your friends.Red envelopes grabbed with good friends.There are many activities in Wechat to grab red envelopes with friends, requiring a certain amount of money, such as 100 yuan, to be withdrawn.Open the red envelope password.If a business or friend sends you a wechat red envelope and asks you to enter your password when you open it, you should be on alert, as it could be a fake red envelope.What are the effects of sharing fake red envelopes?Many fake hongbao links are turned into spamming advertisements after being shared on wechat moments. When clicked, they are obscene novels and QR codes to attract attention to payment.Some pages linked to fake red packets contain fraud traps, taking advantage of discounts to recharge phone bills, pay shipping costs and send watches or gifts.Fake red envelope links can also be bundled with malware, trojans, and a click will redirect to phishing sites, which in addition to stealing personal information, may even directly steal our personal funds.Some fake red envelopes require personal information: name, phone number, home address, ID number or even bank card number.According to users’ sharing, users can also obtain information such as user relationship network.And the disclosure of these privacy information is likely to bring security risks.Be careful!Be careful!Be careful!There are now some channels to sell so-called “grab red envelope hanging” and “second grab red envelope software”, these so-called “magic devices” have great security risks.One, privacy leakage grab red envelope hanging software is officially prohibited software, is difficult to obtain security certification gray software.In addition to helping users grab red envelopes, many hongbao plug-ins implant malicious codes to try to obtain confidential information such as users’ bank account numbers and mobile phone contacts.Once users allow software access to these permissions, the consequences are dire.Two, telecom fraud Ms. Zheng Internet search “red envelope hanging software”, readily added a micro signal on the page.After the other party agreed, asked the other party whether there is a red envelope snatching software, the other party told her that there is, as long as open the software to run, no effort can grab the maximum amount, but need to charge 750 yuan.Impressed, Zheng scanned the QR code and paid 200 yuan as a deposit, followed by another 550 yuan as instructed.Then the other side with the margin, service fees, opening fees as an excuse, asked her to continue to remit.”I have already paid so much, if I don’t remit according to their requirements, the 750 yuan will be wasted.” Ms. Zheng is not willing to “give up halfway”, she remitted 6 times, a total of 3,210 yuan, only to find out that she was cheated.At present, at the legal level, the behavior of the plug-in software with the function of grabbing red envelopes violates the third paragraph of Article 285 of the Criminal Law, and is suspected of providing the provisions of the crime of invading and illegally controlling computer information system programs and tools.Once again to remind the real red envelope opened after the funds will automatically enter the small change account did not automatically enter the small change account are false need you to input information and password to be more vigilant source: Henan Communist Youth League

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