Heart!Shanghai metro has responded to the death of a woman who was caught in a shielded door

An elderly woman was caught in a screen door at qian Road station on Line 15 at around 4:30 PM on January 22, according to a statement released by Shanghai Metro. The staff rushed to help her.The passenger died after being sent to hospital.The specific cause of the accident is being further investigated by relevant departments.The operator deeply regrets the tragic death of the passenger, will fully cooperate with the investigation, and do a good job in the family reconciliation and follow-up matters, and further ensure the safe operation of the line.For the safety of you and the subway operation, do not force yourself to get on or off the train when the lights on the train doors and screen doors (safety doors) flash and the warning sounds sound, Shanghai metro said.When we are running for the subway, in order to make ourselves or our companions catch the subway, we will use our hands or objects in our hands to block the door closing at the moment when it starts to close, thinking that we can squeeze into the carriage smoothly. This action is very dangerous!Usually, when getting on or off an elevator, if the door is about to close, people will stick their hand between the two doors and the door will sense the object and reopen. However, the subway screen door will only open if it is too thick.When we reach out to block the screen door, the subway screen door will not necessarily feel, then the screen door will not spring open, but stubbornly continue to close, causing harm to people.So, don’t hand to never reached between shielding door to door between never reached between the shielding door besides our cognition to the metro shielding door misunderstanding between the left left after the shielding door blocked will fully open imagine, if the door is completely open, after the induction to the object near the passengers can “take” into the train,Open it again, enter it again.At stations with heavy traffic, this opening and closing can be repeated many times, causing delays and compromising operational safety.Therefore, when encountering an obstacle, the subway screen door will open and close again to ensure that the train can leave the station in time as planned while the witness can remove the obstacle in time.The shielding door and the subway door have two anti-clamping buffers. After repeatedly bouncing open for three times, the shielding door will be completely opened if it encounters obstacles again.As long as one door is not closed, the train will not start and will stay on the platform until all the doors and screen doors are closed.Therefore, in the peak passenger flow, grab, grab behavior, but will increase everyone’s travel time.Some passengers believe that if they squeeze through the screen door, they will be able to squeeze into the carriage smoothly.But that’s the most dangerous, because you can get stuck between the screen door and the car door.Although the screen doors in each station are equipped with obstacle detection protection devices, to prevent people trapped in the screen door and the door between.But it was too dangerous!So, when the door beeps the alarm and the yellow light flashes to indicate that the door is about to open or close, please do not approach the door.Here to remind you that when the door is about to close, if you can not get on the car, please wait patiently for the next bus do not forcibly block the screen door closed get on the car safe travel from their own start!Source @ Shanghai Metro Shmetro, Shenzhen Rail transit, Beijing Youth Daily, look at the news Knews and other editors Piyadan editor Zhao Hongbin Luo Wei article recommended vigilance!A total of 18 new local confirmed cases were reported on Thursday.

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