Lecong’s “Red Vest” : Selflessly building an “iron wall”

Since the epidemic prevention work began in Lecong, the “Red Vest” epidemic prevention volunteers in Lecong Town and the majority of anti-epidemic workers have taken the initiative to carry out voluntary epidemic prevention activities such as assisting vaccination, nucleic acid testing, and quarantine at highway junctions, becoming a strong shield in the epidemic prevention front of Lecong.Since the beginning of this year, a total of 5,200 people have participated in the volunteer service for epidemic prevention and control in Lecong Town, with a total service time of nearly 20,340 hours.At the site of vaccination site, from the entrance to show yuekang code, temperature measurement, to the waiting area to check identity, ask health status, and then to the registration area to check vaccination contraindications, information registration…”Red Vests” are busy everywhere, and the volunteers’ considerate, patient and convenient service has been well received by the citizens who came to vaccinate.By March 27, lecong had recruited 2,077 volunteers for vaccination service, with a total of 7,579 hours of volunteer service.In order to mobilize eligible people, especially those aged over 60, to get vaccinated as soon as possible, volunteers and community workers worked together to provide one-to-one counseling services, publicize scientific vaccination knowledge and policies, and ensure that all vaccinated people were “fully covered”.In addition, volunteers also work together with “love car” to pick up and drop off the vaccine, so that the elderly with mobility difficulties can easily get vaccinated.In addition to helping to carry out vaccination work, lecong’s nucleic acid test “should be tested” is also behind the volunteers of Lecong Town Volunteer Union.In recent years, Lecong town has set up a number of conventional nucleic acid sampling sites. Volunteers perform their respective duties according to the division of labor. With the assistance of the “Red Vest”, the nucleic acid sampling sites are orderly.By March 27, 3,216 volunteers had been recruited for nucleic acid testing, with a total of 13,397 hours of volunteer service.In addition, in the area of each big high-speed intersection, lecong need volunteers, youth volunteers throughout the shift between the party and the masses, to the passing vehicles given, patience, guiding the sweep code register, driving personnel present guangdong kang code and travel card, accept temperature detection, inspection, such as information registration build epidemic prevention and control of the tight line.On the afternoon of March 17, the Volunteer Federation of Lecong Town actively responded to the latest deployment of epidemic prevention and control in Lecong Town, and carried out emergency joint prevention and control work to assist the expressway exit of Lecong District in Foshan Ring One.As of March 29, lecong Volunteer Association recruited more than 170 volunteers, with a total of 1,031 hours of volunteer service.In order to ensure the happiness from the epidemic prevention and control work carried out smoothly, lecong youth corps committee, volunteer association formed lecong town epidemic prevention emergency reserve service team of volunteers, volunteer service management effective practice and formed the epidemic prevention and the beneficial experience, to insist on information management, adhere to the scientific plan as a whole, adhere to the reserve organization and adhere to the humanized service “four insists” working mode, and communities inWe will promote orderly and efficient volunteer services for epidemic prevention and control.In addition, the quality of volunteer services for epidemic prevention has been improved and a positive and sunny volunteer atmosphere has been created through regular sharing meetings, resource linkage, commendation and incentives.Next, the Communist Youth League Committee of Lecong Town and the Town Volunteer Association will adhere to the principle of “Party construction leads volunteer service”, constantly improve the work mode of “Four Sticks”, continue to do a good job in the quality management service of epidemic prevention volunteers, and forge ahead with the vast number of volunteers to build an iron wall for epidemic prevention and control in Lecong Town.Editor: Liang Minxian Source: Lecong Town Volunteer Association

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