Sichuan University of Technology and Business led the team to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention and control work of express supermarkets

For further campus express epidemic prevention and control work, on the morning of March 15, sichuan college of industry and commerce vice President Yang master, including led, respectively the express of meishan campus and chengdu campus, campus supermarket epidemic prevention and control work has carried on the comprehensive inspection instruction, the school office, defence, logistics department, the prevention and control department, the relevant person in charge of logistics companies, such as participation.The inspection team inspected the prevention and control situation of express supermarket and Cainiao Courier station successively, and inspected the whole process of eliminating and killing and picking up items by teachers and students.Through talking with the staff on duty, we have a detailed understanding of the work elimination record, epidemic prevention and control problems, and pointed out the problems and deficiencies existing in the post station.Yang Fuzi, vice president, and his delegation inspected the epidemic prevention and control work of the Express Supermarket. Yang Fuzi affirmed the efforts and actions of the staff of various Courier stations in epidemic prevention and control, and put forward clear requirements for further epidemic prevention and control work of campus express.First, ideological vigilance should not be relaxed, and political positions should be raised. The latest instructions of epidemic prevention and control in provinces, cities and schools must be strictly implemented, and the principle of safety first should be upheld.Second, we should not relax our efforts in action. We should carry out the daily elimination of places and express packages, and do a good job in ledger registration. Staff should pay attention to their own protection and wear masks and gloves.Third, continuous service, adhere to epidemic prevention and control and daily services, remind teachers and students to staggate the peak hours as far as possible, to provide safe, fast and high-quality services for teachers and students.Huang Shuirong stressed that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim, and the school is crowded with personnel, and the responsibility of prevention and control is heavy. The Courier station should strictly follow the instructions of the superiors and the school’s work requirements, and do a good job in the express delivery work to ensure the safety of the campus and the health of teachers and students.Strict arrangements should be made for sanitation and disinfection, and the study and life services for teachers and students should be provided in a meticulous manner.Xi called for comprehensive and in-depth ideological education and guidance for teachers and students, a correct understanding of the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, enhanced awareness and capacity for prevention and control, and pooling of prevention and control forces to resolutely win the battle against the epidemic and build a solid defense line for campus safety.(Wang Jun correspondent Geng Xue)

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