Sneijder: Dzeko is like Zlatan ibrahimovic who can still play at 40. Inter have to keep pace with Liverpool

The former inter milan and Real Madrid star Sneijder spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport about inter’s match against Liverpool and his comments on the nerazzurri players.Inter milan vs Liverpool?Sneijder: “it will be a very competitive European game and Inter will have to match Liverpool’s pace.Because Klopp’s team are more mature and used to playing at this pace.What do you think of inzaghi’s role for inter?Sneijder: “I liked Inzaghi as a player, but I like inzaghi more as a coach.He is the one for Inter and humility is his greatest asset.Inzaghi is a natural manager and he can do great things at inter.What about Chalhanoglu?Sneijder: “he is a champions-class player who is inter’s secret weapon. He can decide the game on his own and Liverpool will mark him closely.”How about Dumfries?Sneijder: “Dumfries is one of the best players in his position. He has played well in the Dutch and now he just needs to know how to play in Serie A.”Comment on Dzeko?Sneijder: “he’s like Zlatan ibrahimovic. It’s not about age, it’s about what you do on the pitch.Even at 40, Dzeko has a role to play.”(CC deep fried balls)

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