The girl’s mother, who was isolated, has arrived at the Shanghai Municipal Public Health Center to be with her daughter

Last night, our newspaper published “Shanghai 2-year-old girl’s mother committed suicide because her daughter was isolated and treated? Fake!”One of the rumors mentioned a related party Ms Zhu.She once posted a message on her microblog asking for help, saying that she was being treated in Tongren Hospital and her 2-year-old daughter was taken to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center for isolation treatment on 29th. She was very worried about her daughter and hoped to take care of and accompany her daughter by herself.Early this morning, Ms. Zhu has arrived at the Shanghai Public Health clinical Center.In her post, Ms Zhu said, “There are a lot of accompanying mothers here, unlike the previous communication that they cannot accompany mothers.””Thanks to everyone’s efforts, I am finally with my daughter. I will take good care of her in the future. I hope to leave here as soon as possible.”

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