Africa Cup Senegal VS Cape Verde Senegal home punch

Match review: yesterday’s caen v Ajaccio match, ajaccio is not a good match, the team is out of the top position.In guinea VS Gambia, the Gambia continued their good performance in the group stage, beating Guinea by one goal.Senegal, ranked 20th in the world, finished top of Group B on five points after winning one and drawing two, scoring one goal and conceding none.Although Senegal’s offensive performance is still active, but the team only scored one goal in three games, and the goal was scored by penalty kicks. The efficiency of the attacking line still needs to be improved, but the defensive line performance is very solid, and the overall personnel of the team is clearly better than the opponents.The visitors, ranked 73rd in the world, last played in the Africa Cup of Nations six years ago, failing to advance from the group stage.With one win, one draw and one loss in the three group matches, the team qualified as the third of the four groups with the best results.The list, led by Mendes, includes a majority of players playing for European clubs.The last game was a draw against Cameroon, the strongest team in the group, and the team quickly adjusted after the defeat, but the team has conceded two goals in the last two games, a total of two goals, the defensive instability.In the last four games against Senegal, they have dropped all points and are at a psychological disadvantage.Analysis: Cape Verde, ranked 73rd in the FIFA World Cup rankings, is not a strong team in Africa, and had it not been for a draw against Cameroon in the final round, they probably would have failed to advance.Most of the players in The Cape Verde team play in overseas leagues, but few of them play in Europe, let alone in the big five leagues. Therefore, from the perspective of individual strength, the advantages and disadvantages of the two teams are obvious. Senegal’s poor performance against Cape Verde will not be too big a problem.Core recommendation: Win

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