Haizhou Commercial street New Year series of wonderful activities

In order to create a peaceful, festive and strong Atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the New Year series activities of “Colorful Winter · Fuman Commercial Street” in Haizhou District commercial block were officially opened recently.Recently, the reporter walked into the democracy road old street, saw the crowds, xinpu square is carrying out “calligraphy fragrance warm Spring Festival” Spring Festival couplets exhibition and send blessing send Spring Festival couplets benefit activities, attract many citizens to participate.Many students are in full swing to carry out the “Fun of our year, welcome the Winter Olympics, celebrate the New Year” research activities, students take advantage of the winter vacation, into the old street, through visiting the old venues, learn the old skills, taste the old taste, and participate in the old Street Winter Olympics special field, draw their own MEDALS for the Winter Olympics,Traditional folk activities such as iron ring rolling, pot throwing in the Year of the Tiger, fun guessing lantern riddles and dragon dancing for Spring Festival were held. People experienced the customs and taste of the New Year and also enjoyed the spirit of sports competition.The New Year series of activities in the commercial street are designed from multiple senses of “sight, hearing and taste”.Activity from January 23 to February 15, “Lantern Festival” ancient salt river lane, old street “Spring Festival”, longhai walking street “shopping day” three positions chronological, and held in off-year, the new moon, the lantern, and other important nodes fascinating cultural activities, old street of minzhu road one hundred, intangible huaihai play rock, salt river ancient lane one thousand, water qing song,In the modern pedestrian street of the old street and the ancient lane, intangible cultural heritage operas are staged in turn, and there are interesting interactive activities such as folk custom street walking, dumbler reality show, Lantern Festival riddle meeting, etc., to catch a big market, buy Spring Festival couplets, pick lanterns and do Lunar New Year goods, and the rich flavor of The New Year is floating in the streets and lanes.Haizhou commercial street during the Spring Festival, in addition to the wonderful cultural travel business activities, there are red light green wave silver color tree.Haizhou Commercial district has invested a total of 2.54 million yuan to create the Atmosphere of the Spring Festival, dressing up the Haizhou commercial street with bright lights and traditional lanterns.In order to enrich the water tour experience of Xiyan River, the river bank of Xiyan River is extended to chaoyang Bridge, and three giant lanterns, such as Peking Opera masks and dragon boat sailing, are set up.During the Spring Festival, sit on a floating boat, watch the water curtain, play with the Shouting fountain, enjoy the American tide flower lantern exhibition, marching lamp experience interpretation of the millennium salt River charm;Promote minzhu Road old Street lighting, minutes building, square, buildings and other nodes focus on dressing up the old street, a piece of lantern curtain, brilliant bell tower light and shadow, bright string of lights curtain, with high-altitude love poems, old street New Year impression;Longhai pedestrian Street New Year omen “red” luck, in the main entrance of the east street set up red lantern corridor, night falls, light and shadow float color.This Spring Festival, come to haizhou commercial street to feel different light and beauty.(reporter Wang Huaishi correspondent Qian Fanxue) Chief duty: Wang Fucheng Cao Yinsheng editor: Song Tianyi source: Lianyungang issued a statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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