Kenli Seventh Village: To build a comprehensive complex of agriculture, culture and tourism to boost rural revitalization

March is a good time to sow seeds.On March 30, in a seven kenley street village road, after a spring rain, and the fragrance of the soil, the seven village fields, the busy scene: rice paddies of the farmers are busy FanZheng land, corn farmers to plant the seed into the soil, vegetable region of the people also sprinkle the seeds of hope in the fields.”In the spring, one of our main research projects is to let visitors experience the fun of planting seeds together.”The head of the cultural and ecological farm outside the city said.In recent years, kenli Subdistrict 7 Village, relying on rice industry and cultural and ecological farms in and out of the city, has built an agriculture-culture-tourism integration complex integrating pastoral scenery, farming experience, homestay and cultural tourism, boosting high-quality development of rural revitalization with industrial revitalization.Depth into the Yellow River basin in recent years, kenley street ecological protection and high quality development of national strategy, using the Yellow River along the village rich land resources and the humanities landscape, completes the farmers text brigade integration innovation and development power country revitalization, build “security ecological, to retain culture, remember homesickness” “beautiful country”.Green rice field can “produce gold” brand value stable, enhance industrial revitalization, is the key to rural revitalization strategy, but also kenli street under great efforts to grasp the focus.Qicun has been planting rice for more than 40 years, with an area of 3,300 mu, of which 1,200 mu is paddy field. However, as a traditional project, there has been little success.Seven village for the industry bigger and stronger, hold the pulse of the market, aim at the needs of society, actively explore effective ecological planting new way, adhere to the “party branch leading to drive” the main line, explore ways to establish “branch + cooperative + peasant household” the party leads the industry development model, investment more than 80 ten thousand yuan founded golden rice cultivation professional cooperatives,276 villagers were recruited to carry out scientific rice cultivation;A total of 1.96 million yuan will be invested to build a “High quality and efficient Rice Science and technology Ecological Demonstration Park” and develop an experimental field of 1200 mu.Built rice processing plant, applied for the registration of the “Haikou” rice trademark, through the organic certification, QS certification.At the same time, has formed the material, transplanting, management, harvesting, processing, sales “six unified” production mode.Now, qicun “Enter haikou” brand organic selenium-rich rice successfully entered taishan 1532 trading company platform sales, a kilogram of rice sold to more than 120 yuan, not only to achieve the village collective income of more than 200,000 yuan, more importantly, to achieve the average member income of 3,500 yuan, effectively mobilize the villagers to participate in the comprehensive revitalization of rural enthusiasm.”Rural areas contain most people’s childhood memories and homesickness. Through the excavation and combing of the culture of seven villages, we show the rural culture, the new appearance of rural areas, immigration changes, patriotic education and the construction of beautiful villages.Talking about the original intention of the construction of cultural and ecological farms outside the city, the person in charge of the farm said.It is reported that the cultural ecological farm outside qicun city covers a total area of 12 hectares, with a building area of 22,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive social practice base featuring green planting, ecological breeding, agriculture, tourism and home stay, popular science research and labor experience.Farms have selenium-rich land 180 mu, built for visitors to experience the fruit, bonsai, flowers, vegetable greenhouses 4, doves fly square and popular science base 1, self-service selenium-rich rice planting and processing base 1, bohai KangZhanShi hall 1, has national community + provincial base two books, has organized special high school students overall quality appraisal archives activity,It can meet more than 300 people to carry out research, picking, teaching, camping, catering and other activities.In 2021, the number of tourists will reach more than 30,000.The theme culture of urban and rural cultural ecological farm is distinct, integrating traditional Chinese Great Wall culture, academy culture and Huizhou architectural art, Huanghekou farming culture, Shengli oil field oil culture, beautiful countryside red culture and immigrant culture. The farm has more than 40 high-quality home stay rooms.There are traditional workshop appreciation area, handmade experience area, academy culture and education area, farm food taste area, pastoral gifts area and other functional areas.No matter men and women old and young, spring, summer, autumn and winter, food and clothing, fishing firewood plough……Both inside and outside the city offer a full range of experience and enjoyment throughout the day.At the same time, the farm pays attention to “education”, actively build love labor education practice base.It has actively applied for provincial and national youth social practice research bases and popular science education demonstration bases, and has set up more than 50 menu-style courses such as agricultural experience, manual production and ecological breeding.Students can broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge and improve their quality through their research and practical experience.Create “security ecosystem, to retain culture, remember” nostalgia “is the most beautiful village” to better create a “security ecology, to retain cultural, remember” nostalgia “is the most beautiful village”, kenley street construction of village, village village historiographers memory pavilion, through to the hero, old objects, tools, such as show, make the rural culture in imperceptible infiltration.Construction of the people’s big dining room, by the village collective increase out security, implements free meals for people over age 75 in the village, with love, hold up the old man happy old age today, people’s big dining room already became the villagers “clock in” web celebrity, seven village also naturally form a good atmosphere of respect for the elderly, love and helpage support, let the villagers in silently remember the taste of homesickness.Integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism is a useful exploration to unleash the vitality of rural areas, develop modern agriculture, and increase farmers’ incomes. It is also an innovative practice to promote rural revitalization.With the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development rise to a major national strategy, this year, kenley streets will “promote the agriculture brigade fusion innovation and development” as the accelerating rural revitalization is important one annulus, combining with the agricultural production, create characteristic agriculture landscape, actively carry out planning, industry planning optimizing rural planning, around the country visitors “to eat, live, play” and so on the demand,We will guide enterprises to invigorate the integration of agriculture and tourism, such as specialty picking, rural catering and folk performance.To promote economic development with characteristic industries, depict beautiful countryside with ecological harmony, and promote the integration of agriculture, culture and tourism with Internet celebrity landmarks, contributing more “Kenli Street strength” in building the Model demonstration area of Kenli along the Yellow River to revitalize Qilu.

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