The most beautiful love words in the world under the pen of Philosophers

People’s forum philosophy, with the burning point of view to enlighten the mind, with warm words to soothe the soul.At nine thirty every night, take you to see the world, know yourself, slow taste of life.In life, love is not only love, but also love and friendship, which are worth experiencing with gratitude.Among thousands of people, you meet the one you want to meet.In thousands of years, in the boundless wilderness of time, there is no earlier step, no later step, met can only gently say: “Oh, are you here?”Life is the most wonderful but “fate” two words.No sooner, no later. They hit each other.Yu Qiuyu cooking smoke, I wait for you at the door;Sunset, I wait for you on the side of the mountain;Yellow leaves, I wait for you under the tree;The moon bent, I wait for you in fifteen;Drizzle comes, I wait for you under my umbrella;Water frozen, I wait for you in the river;Life tired, I wait for you in heaven;We are old, I wait in the afterlife.I wait for you, wait for you to see the smoke, wait for you to see the sunset, wait for you to see the moon.The true meaning of love is waiting for you, accompanying and sharing.For the rest of our lives, we live together, in some small town, sharing the endless morning bell and night drum.Lin Huiyin Liang Sicheng once asked Lin Huiyin: Why did you choose me?Lin huiyin replied: The answer is very long, I am ready to use a lifetime to answer, are you ready to listen to it?Actions speak louder than words.The same is true of love.Qian Zhongshu I never thought of getting married before I met her;I married her for decades and never regretted marrying her;I never wanted to marry another woman.They are the “one soul that fits.”Everything was perfect.This fate is a match from heaven, is a stroke of genius.Zhu Ziqing saw your eyes, I will wake up, I prefer to see your blushing cheeks, like the sunset glow, thank you for giving me strength.As long as there is love in a person’s heart, there is someone in his heart.The whole person will glow like nothing else.Bernard Shaw The weather was bad, but fortune smiled on me.Ten great things had happened to me: first, a letter from Elaine Deley;2. Received a money order from Chicago for royalties on Arms and the Warrior;3. A letter from Alan Deley;4. I’ve broken through the clouds and seen the sky in the second act of my new play;Five, received a letter from Elaine Deley;Six, see the beautiful sunset, far down the side of the mountain, my heart miss Elaine Deli;Seven, received a letter from Elaine Deley;Eight. A letter from Ellen Deley;Nine, received a letter from Elaine Deley;Ten, receive love orchid, love orchid, love orchid, love orchid, love orchid, love orchid, love orchid, love orchid, love orchid orchid, love orchid orchid dai Li letter.The playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote to the famous actress Elaine Dailey for 30 years but never dated her during his life, with whom he corresponded 300 times.Even though they live in the same city, only 20 minutes’ walk away.When young love is not to sleep, when grown love is to sleep.When he asked her to marry him, he said three words: “Trust me.”When she gave birth to his first daughter, he told her, “You’ve had a hard time.”On the day of his daughter’s wedding, he put his arm around her shoulder and said, “And me.”On the day she was dying, he repeated, “I’m here.”As she was leaving, he kissed her forehead and whispered, “You wait for me.”In this life, he did not say “I love you” to him once, but love, never left.In this world, there are some people, they never sweet words, do not understand romance, but will always be there when you need.Mutual appreciation, will be close to each other;We know each other when souls are alike.The man bought a fish and asked his wife to cook it. Then he went to see a movie. The woman wanted to go with him.The man said, “It’s a waste of money for two people to watch. You cook the fish and I’ll share the story with you when I finish watching it.”When the man came back, he asked the woman, “Where is the fish?”Calmly, the woman found a chair and sat down. “I’ve eaten all the fish,” she said. “Come, sit down and I’ll tell you how it tastes.”Affection is a balance, if you are good to me, I will be good to you.Because the heart is mutual, happiness is really in exchange for.The best feelings, not how beautiful the oath, but how true the heart.This edit | | Wang Shuang sources insights, contemporary, Confucianism, the wind;Image from Internet disclaimer: this article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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