Wal-mart is leaving our country?Do we lack supermarkets in this country?You’ll see

China is as good as wal-mart, do you agree?Xinjiang is an integral part of China’s territory, many netizens said, China has no shortage of supermarkets, Wal-mart can choose to leave, what is going on?When it comes to Wal-Mart, many people think that Wal-mart is the only company under Qiqi, but in fact, Sam, which is famous for its members, is also owned by Wal-Mart. This time, Sam’s supermarket removed xinjiang products for no reason, causing dissatisfaction among Chinese people. What is the matter?And why would Sam be deliberately provocative?Do they not care about the Chinese market, or do they not realize how patriotic Chinese people are?The boycott of Xinjiang products began with a company named Tel, whose main business is actually semiconductor computers. But it is such a company that has little connection with Xinjiang products that claims to ban the use of Xinjiang products. Many people here will wonder what the purpose of tel’s move is.Was it really just a provocation?Under tel’s appeal, many foreign brands have begun to boycott Xinjiang products, Sam is no exception, Sam began to enter the Chinese market as early as 1996, the development of Sam has hundreds of stores in China, so far, and Sam once became popular on the Internet with its membership services, active in short videos,Until recently some netizens found Sam’s online store from the shelves of dark chuo chuo products in xinjiang, this moment is washed up on the microblogging hot search, also caused the people’s patriotic enthusiasm, sure enough, the next is about Sam out of Sam’s club will refund, a large number of people came to Sam supermarket requires members to refund, no respect for China, also want to make Chinese money,This is not possible, but no matter how fierce, Sam events to China as a leader of wal-mart never for Sam shelves products in xinjiang to be explained, has been uphold the silence of the attitude of wal-mart is to provoke the Chinese people, many netizens have said, China does not need to wal-mart, wal-mart can leave China,Or more specifically, China does not need to disrespect China’s super stores. In the early days when Wal-mart just came to China, it won the favor of many Chinese people with the purpose of serving customers. Therefore, Wal-mart can develop step by step in China.Gradually have more than 500 stores But the wal-mart’s Sam shelves products in xinjiang would have far from reaching the purpose of customer service, and the product is not the first time that wal-mart Sam shelves xinjiang in China out of the negative news, as early as before the walmart had been punished because of the mask to be of poor quality, as a global chain super,Unqualified products are a big no-no, and Wal-mart’s handling attitude also makes people very dissatisfied, only blaming the manufacturer’s head, without reflecting on their own procurement department did not fulfill the duty of review.Therefore, China does not need Wal-Mart. Since China’s opening up, the national economy has been steadily improving and the national economy is developing faster and faster. At this time, China has long been a big fat meat in the eyes of foreign super brands.At the same time, our country the development of the local shang dynasty in China in recent years is also very good, such as local brands rt-mart by ali after the acquisition, development of a higher level of wal-mart as a large business super, should improve the quality of service, guarantee the product quality as the priority, rather than from business to politics.Honestly, a copy of your business on the serious business, and must do politicians dagger, is people by the nose, sooner or later one day ah is to continue to be biased in fact, in recent years, especially since the outbreak, the rival China’s behaviour is more frequent, some still take little affectations, dark chuo chuo encouraged other countries hostile to China,And choose to put China down directly, more famously Lithuania, is famous not for Lithuanian national how powerful, but on the contrary, a tiny country dare to attempt to interfere in China’s internal affair, I don’t know how Lithuania’s leaders want to today, China’s rise is obvious to all, has been continuously toward superpower sequence,Both in economic, military and the comprehensive national strength steadily promoted, can compete with the world power, in this case, wal-mart was in wind commit crime, involved in the boycott of the sequence of products in xinjiang, from a commercial body interference in politics, are really absurd are never short of supermarket in China, wal-mart can choose to leave, my friends?

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