Why “if husband and wife live apart, they die apart”?

I am Ye Feifei YFF, a non-famous emotional tutor, writing heart-walking emotional words, hoping to bring you some spiritual comfort with warm words.The old saying goes: “one hundred years to repair the ship crossing, thousands of years to repair the sleep together.”Men and women from love into marriage, this is a great fate, be sure to know how to cherish, only attentively maintain good feelings, in order to make marriage more happy.Nowadays, many couples are separated, because of the pressure of life, or other reasons, both of them can not be together, which brings great hidden trouble to the couple relationship.As a result, there are fewer intimate behaviors between husband and wife, not only lack of communication, but also each other are used to each other’s absence.Long this goes on, husband and wife feelings become indifferent, the relationship gradually go gradually far, serious also each cent thing.Therefore, many people will say that husband and wife really can not be separated, if not together, will eventually make the marriage crack.So, why is it that “if husband and wife stay apart, they die”?Generally speaking, long-term separate bed couples, most will have three outcomes, the reasons are as follows: first, husband and wife separation, marriage in name only husband and wife should have known each other, every day to live together, in order to make the relationship more harmonious.However, nowadays marriage, most couples have to separate, even if not separated, but also sleep separately, do not disturb each other.This kind of state, will certainly cause the estrangement of husband and wife relationship, once husband and wife get used to a person’s life, they will not have expectations for the other half, feelings of natural cold.When husband and wife ignore each other and draw a line with the other half, it is equivalent to living a nominal life.In front of outsiders, they are husband and wife, but at home, they do not talk to each other, there is no communication.Couples are busy with their own things and no longer have expectations for marriage, which can easily accelerate the indifference of the relationship.The fact that the couple are not together and cannot sleep together means that the marriage is dead in name only.Such husband and wife, mostly in will live, both sides are disappointed in marriage, just for the family and children and wronged life.When couples become strangers, there is a natural rift in the relationship, and it is difficult to recover.Good marriage, should be husband and wife can talk well, sleep well, operate a beautiful life together.If husband and wife become cold and can not live a peaceful life, the marriage is bound to come to an end.Because, between husband and wife, there is no desire to communicate, all the grievances are hidden in their hearts, making the estrangement deeper and deeper, will eventually become a straw to crush the marriage.We know that feelings need to be maintained. No matter what kind of marriage, couples should work together and take care of it carefully.If the couple is not willing to stay together, the longer the separation lasts, the more likely it is to change the couple’s mind.At this time, when one party meets the object of love, it is easy to be ambiguous, may also make a betrayal of the marriage.This is also the reason why couples cannot live apart for a long time. If both of them live alone, they will not stick to the loyalty of marriage without emotional connection.It can be difficult to go back to the past when a relationship becomes a stranger, and if it is not paid attention to, it is likely to accelerate the breakdown of the marriage.In life, many couples are not together, more or less affect the marriage, causing many couples to change their hearts.For example, This is the case with Miss Wang and her husband. They have been married for six years, while the husband has been working outside the home. They have been separated for five years.Over the years, her husband never cared about her and never gave her company, which made her feel wronged.Originally, Miss Wang thinks husband can keep one’s place, earn money to come home more, unexpectedly husband is outside follow other opposite sex actually ambiguous.To this end, Miss Wang was particularly chill, she understood that no wonder her husband did not love to talk to her back, it was a change of heart.In this way, a once happy marriage, because of the long separation of the husband and wife become broken.Therefore, couples try not to separate, even under the pressure of life have to separate, but also to know how to maintain a relationship.If both parties do not take the initiative, live their own lives, the lack of emotional maintenance, it is easy to change heart, it is likely to let the marriage broken.If couples do not have intimate company, not emotional needs, it is easy to cause relationship alienation.If two people live under the same roof, but no one talks to each other, do not talk during the day, do not sleep at night, basically the relationship becomes a stranger.At this point, there is likely to be a situation where men do not seek comfort from women and women do not expect from men.Since they have their own lives, they do not interfere in each other’s lives and do not need each other emotionally, so they become “good neighbors” who live together.In fact, like this state is very common in reality, many couples do not pay attention to, let the relationship between husband and wife indifferent, and eventually affect the marriage.Therefore, husband and wife can not be without close company, the best emotional comfort, than husband and wife together, there is physical contact, this is the best lubricant to maintain feelings.If both couples lose the desire for companionship, each gets used to loneliness and becomes completely disappointed with the other, marriage becomes unimportant.At this time, the husband and wife may not go to the end, divorce may be the final end.This reminds the reality of the husband and wife, must not be careless, when there is no company with each other, when the relationship began to be cold, it is necessary to maintain the heart.Acquaintance, is fate, together, is the true feelings.If husband and wife can walk together to grow old, is the most blessed thing in the world.Hope in the life of husband and wife, can cause attention, no special reason, had better not sleep separately.Ye Feifei YFF emotion message: to sum up, why “husband and wife separate bed, cent long will die”?There are no more than three reasons: separation of husband and wife, leading to marriage in name only;Both sides have no emotional maintenance, easy to change heart;The couple’s long absence from each other ended in divorce.In fact, long-term separate bed sleeping husband and wife, most also can not escape from three outcomes.This also reminds husband and wife, no matter what time, do not leave each other in the cold, husband and wife do not separate easily, more care for each other, will make the feelings more harmonious.Only when couples sleep together can they have more communication and feel the texture of love.In a word, in marriage, the ritual of husband and wife, will let the couple’s feelings get the most perfect release, the relationship is naturally more stable for a long time.END author: Ye Feifei YFF, focus on the emotional field of creation and sharing, with emotion to communicate your heart and mine, wish you and I know each other here, like please pay attention to me.

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